The Drooling Divas

copyright 2005 by Pat Powers

Drooling while gagged. Is it sexy or what? A lot of bondage fans, including me, find it very sexy.

It's not just sexy. It has huge potential for pathos. I think women would identify strongly with a damsel who's shown drooling uncontrollably because she's gagged.

The scenes of the poor witches drooling onto their leather gags is probably a lot more powerful dramatically for women than we might understand. I mean, in a sense it is a minor thing -- they are about to be hanged by the neck until dead, what's a little drool? But little things can mean a lot, even and maybe especially under such dire circumstances. Forcing the women to stand and face their executioners with a leather wad jammed in their mouths and drool on their lips deprives them of any chance at dignity in their final moments.

In the same way, a scene of a captive watching her captors eat with drool trickling down her chin would be extremely powerful.

Furthermore, for women drool has extremely powerful symbolic value. I mean, what other set of women's lips does clear liquid sometimes ooze from, and under what circumstances does that happen? Even if it's never alluded to in any way, this sexual aspect of drooling has got to set off all kinds of subconscious fooforaw. As guys, we may not realize the powerful link that exists in women's minds between the lips on a woman's face and that other set of lips, but it's there.

Perhaps that explains women's general preference for ANY kind of bondage over a gag. The superficial explanation would be that women hate being silenced. But there could also be a strong sexual connotation there -- if one set of lips can be penetrated by a cleave gag or otherwise diddled with by a captor, what does that imply about the other set?

It's no surprise, then, that drool scenes are quite common in commercial bondage imagery. There are quite a few images on the Web of women drooling through their gags, most often bit gags and ball gags because their hard surfaces don't absorb the drool, and their intrusion into the mouth promote drooling as well. Ordinary cloth cleave gags can cause drooling, as they intrude into the mouth, though they are less effective than bit gags and ball gags since they do absorb some drool, but drool will sometimes leak out of the corners of the mouth and down the chin.

Drool scenes are very, very rare in mainstream scenes, in fact, currently there is only one reported scene where drool is actually seen trickling down the chin -- Kate Hodge is alleged to drool visibly in part of her gag scene in Chainsaw Massacre III. There are also less than a dozen scenes like Demi Moore's in which the drool soaks into the damsel's gag and stains it visibly.

The infrequency of drool seen in gag scenes despite the fact that cloth cleave gags have been commonplace in movies and on TV means that the drool has been systematically removed. It's not hard to imagine a make-up person moving in between takes to wipe the chin and mouth of the gagged actress to maintain her beauty, and also because the sexual innuendo involved in drool scenes bothers her and the actress on a subconscious level.

The most egregious example of a drool scene that should have been is from April Brenneman's scene in the erotic thriller "Shadow Dancer." April, the female lead, is bound and cleave-gagged by her captor, then forced to watch him cook a meal of bacon and eggs. Not a drop of drool. Sure. Right. I can almost see the makeup gal being called in constantly to wipe April's chin.

I don't expect to see a lot of drool scenes soon. Actresses undoubtedly perceive it as making them unattractive -- I mean, "drooling idiot" isn't exactly a term of endearment. Drool also has a certain "ick" factor, being a body fluid and all. Then again, it's body fluid status and its parallel between the liquid that seeps out of those other lips renders it sexy. Most bondage fans, I think, like drool because it highlights the helplessness of the damsel -- she cannot even control her own body fluids in her bondage. We may well see drool scenes eventually, possibly in cutting-edge art films or in Skinamax films which see it as a new way of creating eroticism without penetration. We'll see.