Sure, I'm the best reviewer out there, but you'd be well advised to read others, if only to appreciate the insight and imaginativeness of my reviews all the more.

Seriously, some of the other reviewers out there know a LOT more about anime and Japanese culture than I do, though they either don't get bondage or aren't willing to admit they get bondage. So read around, get some different viewpoints.

Hentai Neko

This is another site with plenty of reviewers, lots of reviews, and an objective viewpoint. What makes it superior to many others is that it is tightly formatted and well thought out. Hentai Neko reviewers will recommend hentai that appeal to certain kinks, even if the reviewer doesn't like the kink. They have an awareness that not everyone who reads their reviews agrees with them about everything. There's a rating system for those who like rating systems, and the reviews are well structured. Worth a visit if you have some questions about a hentai.

Anime Tempy

This site features a large number of reviews by a large number of reviewers. Anime Tempy is primarily concerned with mainstream anime, so once again you find the phenomenon of people writing reviews of hentai even though they dislike hentai. But many reviewers are expert with regard to anime in general, and some of the reviews are insightful. However, the reviews also tend to be very short, which generally means much is left out.


Animetric is fine example of an anime-based website that has a hentai section. Some of the reviews are insightful, some are clearly written by people who just don't "get" hentai, and some are written by people who just plain hate hentai. But the gang there is at least knowledgeable about mainstream anime and can tell you when a hentai is riffing on "Read or Die" or "Full Metal Alchemist" or whatever. The reviews tend to be rather brief, and since they are written by a variety of reviewers, there's no way to tell how close or distant their viewpoint is from yours. But there are a LOT of reviews, and they aren't written by people who are just looking to sell you DVDs and such. If they think the hentai stinks, they'll say so. If they're one of those who don't get hentai, or one of those who hate hentai, they'll likely be wrong, but at least they're honest.

Jeremy's Bad Reviews

You may think I have been exaggerating the number of reviews written by people who hate hentai, in order to express their hatred of hentai. I've included this site, which has a section devoted to reviews of hentai by someone who really hates hentai. I do not know what compulsion has driven Jeremy to pay so much attention to something he hates, but at least he does some mighty fine ranting and raving on the topic.