Darling Does ... Everybody

This is Darling, the titular heroine of "Darling" a movie about a newlywed wife who'll do anything ... and anyone ... for her imaginative hubbie.

Copyright 2005 by Pat Powers

One of the more fun hentai I've seen lately is a series called Darling. Darling deals with the travails of a young porn manga (Japanese comics) artist as he struggles to meet a near-impossible deadline of one month to create a new manga from scratch.

There's a hitch, of course -- ok, several hitches. One, he has just married his assistant, and they were preparing for their honeymoon vacation just prior to the new assignment. Two, the editor who gives him the assignment, Juni, is a new editor, and if she can't get the manga produced in one month, she stands in jeopardy of either losing her job or having to become a sex slave (hey, I guess publishers in Japan have all sorts of power over their employees.)

Darling, Aki's new wife, is won over by Juni's pleas, and begs him to take the assignment to save Juni from sex slavery. Fortunately, Aki has a trick up his sleeve -- when working in hyper-erection mode he has the ability to work at many times his normal rate of speed.

Aki transforms into hyper-erection mode. Shortly after this, a herd of elephants with upraised trunks thunders across the screen, as part of the transformation scene. A nice little parody of anime transformations, alrighty.

Unfortunately, he needs help to maintain hyper-erection mode for any length of time, specifically he needs some sweet young thing to act out his sex fantasies as he draw them.

Darling and Juni both volunteer to handle this service for Aki. And it must be noted that Darling has remained chaste prior to marrying Aki, and even though we saw them going at it like minks in a bathtub on their honeymoon night, she's not as sexually rounded as your average manga heroine -- then again, merely human women rarely are.

Darling and Aki get it on during their honeymoon -- as might be expected of a hentai, the honeymoon is covered in explicit detail.

The rest of the hentai deals with Aki's struggle to come up with ideas fast enough to meet the one month deadline, and the efforts Darling and Juni make to help him translate his ideas into manga. Now, when I say Darling and Juni spare no effort in helping Aki achieve his deadline, I mean that in a very hentai-specific way. Most of Aki's stories involve Aki and Juni being captured by various persons and having sex with them. Of course, we see the fully realized, animated version of Aki's fantasies in the hentai most of the time, but at the beginning of each fantasy and generally at the end, we see Darling and Juni playing at being captor and captive, lover and loved, and also sucking Aki's cock a lot.

Darling plays out the role of a captured enemy agent and Aki is her Evil Captor as they work out scenes for the manga Aki is drawing. Now this is cooperation!

Because the fundamental relationship between Aki, Darling and Juni is one of affection, respect and support, it creates a lighthearted fantasy feeling that is lacking in most hentai, which tend to be straightforward presentations of the scenarios that are presented as fantasies in Darling.

Ah, the old nurse in bondage. Note the happy expression of the damsel in "distress" -- typical of the pleasant feel of this hentai.

The film still has its problems. Mrs. Evil Captor did not like the fact that Darling is such a doormat in the movie -- basically, she exists to do whatever Aki wants her to do. I can see Mrs. Evil Captor's point, though I am willing to throw the hentai creators some slack with regard to Darling's character because she is, after all, supposed to be a virginal young wife still in the honeymoon phase of marriage. You have to figure enough sappy, mindless, hormonally-inspired affection might exist at such a time to make her character's behavior halfway credible.

Besides, in any hentai, whose raison d'etre consists of lots of explicit sex scenes, it's inconvenient to have scenes where the characters don't have sex. So you either have to have a lot of sex scenes or you have to have very willing female leads. Darling fits pretty well within the parameters of such leads.

There's even some tentacle action in "Darling." When you have so much sex to present, you either need some very willing female leads, or damsels in distress.

Still, I see Mrs. Captor's point -- it would be nice if we had a sense that Darling had a personality other than what's required for the specific sex fantasy she's acting out.

Nice use of purples, browns and yellows to create a graphically strong scene, typical of "Darling." The quality of the animation is slightly above par for hentai, as might be expected of a story about a manga artist.

Darling is well executed graphically, well within the standards of most hentai, and some of the scenarios are quite imaginatively conceived, as you might hope and expect from a hentai anime about a manga artist. There's also some sly parody in it -- for example, when Aki goes into "hyper erection mode" there's a standard sequence that involved him whirling around while bright lights flash, finishing up in a martial arts pose, fist raised in the air, with a big boner sticking out of his trousers. Yes, it's a sly parody of every "transform" sequence you've ever seen, very nicely done.

All in all this is an easy tape to watch, full of sex scenes within a scenario that offers generous opportunity for such scenes. Darling's near-complete lack of personality is a major problem as far as characterization is concerned. There's plenty of sex and plenty of bondage, and it's very explicit -- you see things going into things, unpixilated in all their hard-eged glory. All in all a pretty good couples hentai, if you can get the missus to ignore the lack of personality on Darling's part. (To be fair, Aki doesn't have a whole hell of a lot of personality either.) It's pleasant enough not to offend, and raunchy enough to enjoy ... a fairly rare combination.

We're not even going to TRY to explain this. But for this review at least, it signifies ... the end.