El In A Andbasket

Heroic security cop El prepares to blow away some scumbags.

Copyright 2005 by Pat Powers

El is a great example of why I bother to review hentai -- it's a surprising and dirty little flick. Unfortunately it's also mediocre flick overall with weak characterization and weak animation.

Here's the setup: after a nuclear Armageddon over the deteriorating environment, the world is in really sad shape. (And sadly, the more I learn about the world, the more credible the notion that the Powers That Be would try to improve the environment through nuclear Armageddon becomes.)

Humanity has retreated to a single domed city where they're trying to figure out how to stabilize the world environment and render things habitable again for the survivors.

Not everybody in the domed city is down with this plan, however. There's a group called the Merry Widows who are assassinating various people in the city for reasons no one understands.

Floating eyes in the sky keep things paranoid for the people of the future.

Early on, it becomes evident that the Merry Widows are managing their assassinations by using some sort of hypnotic beam that they project from the lenses of floating cameras that hover everywhere in the city's public spaces, part of the city's extremely well developed security apparatus. Big Brother is alive and well in the last city on Earth.

Netsuki, an attractive young woman is hypnotized by one of the floating eyes, and the next thing you know, she 's assassinating a member of the Big Brother's elite security forces (and El, the protagonist of the story, is a top gun in those security forces).

After the assassination Netsuki passes out. She's found with the body and the gun in her hand by the elite security forces, who hustle her off for some interrogating.

Netsuki hangs from the interrogation table used by the security cops of the future. Don't worry about that little red dress -- it won't stay on her long.

If you're thinking the elite security force's interrogating techniques involve lots of nudity, bondage, rape, dildoes, enemas, electric stuff and general kinkiness, you know your hentai.

Told you so.

Netsuki insists she is innocent through all the rape and torture, because she is, but of course the security guys don't buy that for a minute. In fact, they show every evidence of not caring if she's innocent or not or if they get any information out of her. This makes for a very long and thorough interrogation involving mostly bondage and rape.

Netsuki is being taken from behind with her wrists tied behind her back, now she's bent forward so she can provide some oral service while being fucked. It's all part of the very thorough torture and rape program provided by the security police of the future.

Note, however, how climsily the figure drawing on the woman is. Her shoulder looks kinda like she's got dowager's hump, and her breast coulda been a lot fuller and rounder. All the lines on most of the figures are just slightly off, compared to a really good hentai aritstt's work.

Meanwhile, El is on the track of the mysterious Black Widows, who are proving elusive. Her investigative technique involves having sex with a horny female virgin idol singer type, and we get to watch.

The giant dancing icons here are the virgin idol singers of the future. It must be great to have a butt 50 feet wide and stand atop buildings where everyone can see up your crotch-high dress..

As the investigation into the Merry Widows proceeds, the question of who they are and what they're up to gets murkier, and it becomes evident that there's corruption at the top somewhere. (You have to figure that floating eye hypno-beam lets the Merry Widows get anywhere.)

At this point the plot takes a really weird twist -- and for the sake of those who don't want it spoiled, here's a spoiler box (highlight the text in the box if you want to read it).

SPOILER (highlight the text in the black box if you want to see it):

Apparently, things have gone even worse for the human race than we originally thought. There is no domed city. El and a guy are the only two living human beings left, and they're both floating in tanks. The whole domed city/Merry Widows thing is a scenario being run in El's mind by some artificial intelligences who are trying to use El and her male companion to save the human race. For some reason, they have to run these scenarios a certain way and get a certain response out of El before they can safely revive her.

Unfortunately, I don't know what happens beyond that. I'm sure there must be a third episode in the series, but I haven't been able to find it. So I can't spoil the series as thoroughly as I would like to.

And perhaps it's better this way -- the tantalizing questions created by this situation: why do the AIs want to revive the human race? Why are there only two people left? Why are these scenarios being run? Why is so much nudity, rape and bondage a part of them? I mean, I understand why they're in the hentai, but what justification could they possibly have in any story that pretends to make any sense whatsoever?

With hentai, the answer is so likely to be "This makes no sense whatsoever" that I really don't WANT to know how things turn out.

El features a nice, futuristic plot. The characterization is not particularly deep, but you don't NEED deep characterizations when the plot rolls right along.

Here's El being raped while strapped to a table. I had to crank up the color controls to keep this image from looking washed out, however.

The animation quality is weak, however -- most of the frames I captured seemed washed out, so that there really wasn't all that much definition in the bodies of the naked babes. Also, the artwork often seemed clumsy and crude compared to topnotch hentai like Stepmother's Sin and Imma Youjo IV. Although they seem to be capable of drawing an attractive anime face, they are often weak in how they draw naked figures -- a fairly deep flaw in a hentai.

One of the better images in El, a semi-gratuitous vanilla sex scene up against a window in a city apartment near the beginning of the hentai. Note the clumsiness of how the guy's hands are drawn, however.

What's more, the animation during the sex scenes is extremely weak and cheap -- it comes across as more of a series of still frames rather than actual motion. Fortunately, there are a lot of really dirty images involved in those frames, but still, it could have been done a LOT better. Naturally, those dirty images are available in ful size in the member's area.

Overall, El is a mediocre hentai at best. While it's not an absolute piece of crap, it doesn't have any strong element to recommend it, and the animation is very weak. There's a long line of anime I would purchase/rent/watch before I'd bother with this one. That said, it's still worth watching, if only for it's intriguing plot and the very explicit interrogation scenes.

Netsuki hung up again. I figure the guy is wearing goggles to prevent splatter.