Behind Closed Doors

Raunchy Fun At An Isolated Mansion

Come on in, the submissives are all tuned up and ready for you!

Copyright 2005 by Pat Powers

Behind Closed Doors is a topnotch rendition of that old standby "innocent(s) visits spooky remote house and finds it full of people who are weird and VERY interested in them."

Rocky Horror Picture Show is probably the best rendition of the theme ever created, with Wuthering Heights getting honors as the progenitor of the form, even though it's not a couple, but a governess who winds up at the spooky mansion.

Behind Closed Doors isn't going to put any of these works in the shade, but it's still pretty darned good.

Our story starts with Kenichi Sukikaki and Yoshino Ogawa, a happy young couple hanging around the old apartment planning their weekend of sex. Yoshino knows what she wants and she's going about getting it. While Kenichi sits facing the refrigerator at the dining room table, Yoshino checks the refrigerator for snacks, a task that requires a great deal of butt wiggling in her waaaay high cutoff shorts.

Kenichi sees something he likes while Yoshino looks for something she likes in the fridge.

Here we are introduced to a thematic device that will resound throughout the three episodes that make up the "Behind Closed Doors" series -- Kenichi's Telltale Cock. Whenever Kenichi unexpectedly sees something that he finds arousing, the camera cuts to a close-up view of his crotch, and we suddenly see his cock throbbing beneath his shorts or whatever and we hear a deep beat or two.

It's a pretty darned good visual metaphor for spontaneous arousal, and it gives us a pretty good idea of Kenichi's real character, because his Telltale Cock throbs at things that aren't necessarily all that nice -- his girlfriend lancing her finger, or one woman slapping another.

Yoshino's butt-wiggling has its desired effect and soon she is lying beneath Kenichi with her toes pointed skyward.

We start out with vanilla.

Immediately after the sex, Yoshino informs Kenichi that he's received a package in the mail. It turns out that he has won a contest of some sort that Yoshino has entered him in, and that in order to collect the prize, he must follow a GPS disk to a remote location. Kenichi's not too hot about the idea, but Yoshino wants to go RIGHT AWAY, and being so full of postcoital happy stuff, they do.

The GPS leads them to -- get this -- a remote mansion that is so big that they mistake it for a hotel. Since they're Lucky Contest Winners they are invited to stay overnight so they can collect their Big Prize on the following day, and of course given the chance to spend the night at a fancy mansion/hotel/whatever for free, Yoshino's very happy to comply, and Kenichi goes along with it.

I think we all know where this is going, but what really surprised me about "Behind Closed Doors" is how far it goes, and how very well it gets there.

After a refreshing night of sex and sleep, they meet the mistress of the house, Yasuware Karashiki, who treats them to a really tasty-looking breakfast and invites them to stay as long as they like as their guests.

Yoshino's down with that, big time, and Kenichi thinks it looks like fun, too. The huge spread of food apparently being what convinced him.

The next person they meet is Anna Karashiki, the bratty daughter of the mistress of the house. She takes an immediate shine to Kenichi and Yoshino takes an immediate dislike to Anna. Anna is a very forward, very assuming sort of young woman (she is in her late teens) and she asks Kenichi to be her brother.

Kenichi's a bit taken aback by this, but he says "yes" just to be nice.

Anna then asks her brother if he does a good job of satisfying his girlfriend sexually. This pisses off Yoshino and Kenichi and they head elsewhere.

Later, they encounter Anna again and she has something she desperately wants Kenichi to see. Yoshino is thrown off by what's clearly another case of Anna getting grabby with her boyfriend, and storms off in a huff, saying she's going to explore some more, despite Kenichi's entreaties to stay with him.

Big mistake for Yoshino, it turns out. (Or ... is it?)

When Kenichi asks Anna what it was she wanted him to see so badly, she hikes up her dress to reveal that 1) she's not wearing any underwear and 2) she shaves her pussy.

Kenichi, having recently had a LOT of pussy thanks to Yoshino, who's older and better developed, is not particularly impressed. He asks Anna to put her dress back down and stop doing stuff like that, informing her that it's not proper.

Anna calms down and tells Kenichi that's not what she REALLY wanted to show him. She drags Kenichi into another room (Kenichi really should know better by now) where one of the hotel's maids waits.

Nothing like a tit press to make a milkmaid really productive.

This particular maid is a milkmaid of sorts. She has huge tits, and Anna pulls off her top to reveal them, then gives one of her breasts a squeeze and milk sprays everywhere. Then Anna hooks a tit press up to her enormous breasts and things get even more productive.

Anna then goes on about how much milk this maid produces and how sweet-tasting it is, etc., etc. while Kenichi watches and his Telltale Cock goes off.

Kenichi beats a hasty retreat from Anna and the milkmaid because he's still a little shy (we guess) and begins searching for Yoshino.

He doesn't find Yoshino but he does find hot babe after hot babe after hot babe, all of whom want to have sex with him, get punished/bound by him, or in most cases, all of the above.

The very first babe he encounters is a poor ballet artist who practices all by her lonely self in her practice room all day with no one to visit her, and she's so happy to be visited by Kenichi that she practically insists on taking him to the baths and fucking and sucking him. Without Yoshino or Anna around, Kenichi proves a little more malleable -- well, a lot more malleable, in the sense that he lets her suck his cock and then fucks her senseless.

When a gal oozes love juices from her genitals, well, it's about as strong a way of saying "Glad to see you!" that there is.

Leaving that room, we go to another room, and we get a feel for the title, because every time Kenichi opens a door, there seems to be a new sexual adventure waiting behind it for him. The next woman he finds is naked and tied to a metal frame with her legs folded up and spread wide. She informs Kenichi that she's been waiting forever, and that she needs desperately to be punished. Well, what with all the sex and his girlfriend missing, Kenichi obliges her with the aid of a nearby crop.

A look at Kenichi's expression gives the idea that all the sex and bondage is getting to him ...

End part one of the three parts that make up this series. Part 2 is mostly Kenichi still looking for Yoshino and finding other hot babes who need bondage and sex really, really badly instead. But there is one further element to the set-up -- Kenichi receives a phone call while he's in an upstairs room with big pictures windows overlooking the mansion's grounds.

Who's the naked pink thing down there?.

He picks up the phone and it's Yasuware, the mistress of the house. She informs him that he's in a very special place that's not really a hotel at all, then instructs him to look out the window.

Kenichi sees Yasuware standing in front of the mansion, talking to him on a cell phone. She's holding a leash. Attached to the leash is a naked woman on her hands and knees. She is blindfolded and and wears nothing but a collar, cuffs and a sex harness. She looks just like Yoshino.

Why, it's Yoshino! And looking VERY submissive.

Kenichi heads for the grounds at top speed, but of course by the time he gets there, there's no sigh of Yoshino or the Yasuware, so it's back to the house for more room-by-room searching, turning up more naked women who need sex and bondage.

I don't suppose you'd be interested in a nice game of Parcheesi ...

I've got to be frank -- this is one fine, dirty hentai. It has tons of sex and bondage and it's all directly germane to the plot, because Kenichi has been brought to the mansion for a reason, and each encounter with a hot babe (which tend to increase in kinkiness and intensity) moves the plot forward, with Kenichi's throbbing telltale cock beating like a metronome, keeping time to the plot advances.

Another submissive lurking in a room needing sex and bondage from Kenichi. Poor guy. It's going to take FOREVER to find Yoshino with all the sex and bondage going on.

"Behind Closed Doors" also has something that is extremely rare among hentai -- a really good mmphing scene. One of the babes Kenichi encounters is wearing one of those wiffle ball gags the Japanese seem to like, and she does some very nice mmphing while he torments her. In fact, at one point Kenichi torments her by pouring vodka into the holes in her wiffle ball gag, eliciting some great mmphing. And there are other gag scenes as well.

A ballgagged babe forced to drink vodka. And have sex. Lots of sex.

In addition, there is a whole lot of sex along with all the bondage and torture. A LOT of sex, and all the female participants are willing submissives who are there because they want to be there. It is hot stuff, much hotter than most hentai, maybe the hottest hentai I've ever watched.

Kenichi improvises a wheelchair into a ponygirl trap, forcing the slavegirls to pull the chair via a chain running between their legs. And the slavegirl sitting in his lap is secured in place by a Kenishi's cock. The guy thinks of everything!

It's about the only visual depiction of sexual bondage that can match the intensity and sustained pitch of written Internet bondage porn.

Because all of the sex is consensual, this is better for couples than most hentai, especially for couples that want to be put in the mood to get it on. Most hentai that work for couples tend to be scaled back a little in intensity. The non-couples hentai also tend to have more enemas and forced peeing along with more sexual while in bondage. Not this one, it has some of the kinky stuff, but it's very much about sex, sex, sex and bondage, bondage, bondage.

Kasuware complains when Anna is forced to ride the horse while wearing a yoke.

Mouseover to see Kenichi's response.

It took me FOREVER to pick out the explicit caps for this hentai. (Note: turned out I made more than 250 caps.) Not that I'll mind having to watch all the sexual bondage over and over again.

A hooded babe in an armsleeve. She can't see what's coming at .. or in .. her. Needless to say, this leads to a lot of coming and going.

The animation of Behind Closed Doors is better than most hentai, in that the sexual action is nicely paced. There's very little of the slo-mo frame panning substituting for animation that you see in titles like "Imma Youjo IV" and the "Yellow Star" operation of Cool Devices.

The character designs are par for the course for anime as well. It's a well-made hentai that really hits the spot.

The characterizations are better than average for hentai, but not radically better. Since the crux of the story deals with bringing out the dominant in Kenichi, there's more attention paid to characterization than in more adventure-oriented hentai, but I found Kenichi's transition from regular guy to gleeful crop-wielding bondage master unbelievable.

It's not that the transition was too abrupt -- like the "Fallen Angel Ryuki" operation of Cool Devices, Behind Closed Doors transforms its character in a series of graduated scenes that go from the mild to the wild to the extra wild.

But I had trouble seeing Kenichi go from an average guy who may have had dominant feelings but didn't understand them consciously to SuperDomme in the space of two days.

The hentai also missed a trick with Yoshino's characterization. We have a potentially interesting bit of characterization here. Yoshino, it turns out, never intended to be Kenichi's life partner as a result of her romance with him. When she hooked up with Kenichi, it was with the intent of luring him to the mansion, where he was destined to become the master of ... someone else.

Yohshino in one of her "take me" moments early on. Her tragic romance with Kenishi could have made some great scenes.

That's got to be the stuff of heartbreak -- basically, Yoshino must fall in a love with a guy with the intent of then handing him over to someone else. There could have been some powerful scenes between Yoshino and Kenichi as she gives him over to another, especially given some of the changes she is put through.

But these are the sort of quibbles that you might expect from a fanboy and they don't detract a bit from Behind Closed Doors's status as a great, raunchy hentai.

Whip 'em or fuck 'em and which one first? Decisions, decisions! And as we opened with a straight-on view of clothed female butt, here's a straight-on view of a naked one.