Bondage Mansion


The Adventures of Young Mushbrains

Sometimes it's really tough being the lover of a young rich guy with mush for brains.

Copyright 2005 by Pat Powers

A young man whose parents died when he was young inherits great wealth on becoming an adult, a pretty happy situation since Dads was a distant sort and the son's having a tender romance with a girlfriend who really loves him.

He attempts to set things straight with his long-lost stepbrother and invites him to the mansion. Stepbro is having nothing to do with reconciliation, however. He's been living rough, in poverty, and resents every moment of his hard existence while halfbro sits around eating from a silver spoon and fucking pretty girls.

Stepbro announces that he'll always regard his brother as an enemy unless he enters a sex contest in which they'll each get sexual access to bro's girlfriend every night, and after a couple of weeks the girlfriend will decide who she loves better.

Girlfriend is none too crazy about this idea, but all the soft living must have turned bro's brain to mush, because he announces that it's the only thing they can do, that they'll never be able to live in peace unless they do what stepbro says. (No one EVER calls the cops in hentai, or even hires security types to give stepbro the bum's rush.)

Stepbro's romantic approach involves bondage and rough sex, as we next see girlfriend in rope suspension, wearing a corset and having hot candle wax dripped on her butt. Things proceed along those lines with stepbro, while bro's loving is sweet and tender.

What is the family secret that drives this plot? Who will girlfriend choose at the end of the contest? (Well, that would be telling, but if you know hentai like I know hentai, the answer should be obvious -- except that the obvious answer may not be correct in this case.)

Ultimately, this is a very silly hentai, with average animation and plenty of sex and bondage, but the characters -- especially Young Mushbrains -- are so unbelievable that the plot quickly devolves into nothing more than an excuse for sex scenes -- which is probably all it ever was, anyway.