Bondage Queen Kate

Brick carries Kate on a tour of the slave training dungeons. Many interesting sights are glimpsed, but that's all they are ... glimpsed.

Copyright 2005 by Pat Powers

Bondage Queen Kate is a great example of why Japanese adult anime are better than American adult ... anything. It has a plot, and characters, and it's not afraid to show exactly how slavers go about their business, including which parts are put in which other parts and how the woman's limbs are bound while it happens.

The opening scene shows a gorgeous redhead trudging through an endless desert while wearing thigh-high boots, a skimpy thong, and a bra. She collapses in the sand, and the scene ends, leading us to wonder what a stripper is doing alone in the desert.

You may be able to get a copy of Bondage Queen Kate at a very reasonable price. BTW, the cover illo of Kate is sexier than any image in the video. Be sure and get the one that contains both episodes 1 and 2, as this review covers both. Plus, it costs half as much as buying them separately.

The next scene shows our heroine, Kate Curtis en route to her first assignment with the Galaxy Patrol, in which she's a newly commissioned lieutenant. She's clearly the gorgeous redhead from the opening scene, though she's now in a more sedate police uniform. We get some great visuals of the spaceship, but then we segue to Kate giving us a coy little description of her appearance, the sort of thing that newbie amateur Net porn writers always do when they start their stories: "I'm a petite brunette with 48 inch breasts that stand out in incredible contrast to my 20 inch waist, but even the smooth curves of my hips and my softly rounded buttocks cannot overwhelm the effect my startling blue eyes and beestung lips have when framed against the mass of my dazzling red hair."

Kate is a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, virginal kinda lieutenant who is ready to give her all to advance the cause of justice in the Galaxy, and that's pretty much what she winds up doing. She's informed by her commander that beautiful young women are disappearing in droves from the planet Dune (yeah, but not that Dune, just another desert planet named Dune that has sandworms that produce psychotropic drugs). The disappearances are presumed to be the work of slavers.

Kate's job is to go to Dune, be beautiful, act the part of an airheaded slut, and thus become the sweet young thang that will bring the slavers slavering to her. To this end, she's equipped with a suitcase full of vibrators and outfits that are normally seen on strippers -- or slavegirls.

(The words "rape me" are printed across her handbag, just in case the slavers don't get the idea. I think this may be a play on the Japanese fashion for T-shirts and such printed with English logos that are strange or slightly offensive, such as "My parents love this T-shirt more than they love me.")

Prior to leaving on her mission, Kate wonders, "What if they can't rescue me before I get raped? Will I still be considered a virgin?" This kind of immature and uninformed thinking is part of Kate's character, and it's a big problem with believing in her as an adult, much less a lieutenant in the Galaxy Patrol, which you gotta figure has some kinds of standards for its people that involve not being butt-ignorant about everything. I mean, if they don't rescue Kate before she gets raped, she might have more immediate problems than worrying about her virginal status, such as ... staying alive.

The first person Kate meets on-planet is, of course, a recruiter for the slavers, a well-mannered and hunky guy. Soon she's off traveling into the deserts of Dune in a hovercar on a "sightseeing tour" of the desert with Brick, a slaver disguised as a salesman. Brick plies her with an aphrodisiac drink, and soon she's hanging by her wrists over a pit of carnivorous toothy sandworms at an abandoned mine.

Kate does some writhing and moaning while dangling from her wrists, as captor Brick feels up his new prize.

Shortly after that, she's naked and tied wrists behind in the back in the back of the car, busily losing her virginity to Brick, who thinks he's giving her just what she wants because of all the vibrators in her luggage and the "rape me" travel bag.

Kate's devirginization at the hands of Brick the slaver is shown in explicit detail, detail so explicit we can't show it here. So here's a shot of Kate riding the stiffie while bound, and a shot of her taking a break between brothers.

The rape, and Kate's tied wrists, are shown in compete detail. There are even XXX-style closeups of the genitals doing the in-and-out, intercut with Kate's bound wrists and her entire body writhing. This is by far the best sexual bondage scene in the anime. There are other brief shots of other slaves being molested while bound, but there's just not much to them. There is plenty of bondage imagery in the film, as well as some explicit vanilla sex. In fact, Kate spends most of her time after she's captured in restraints of one form or another, mostly consisting of having her wrists tied behind her back. (Sadly Kate is never gagged, nor are any other of the slaves in the film -- the Japanese just don't "get" gags the way Americans generally do.)

For some reason, being raped while bound makes her fall in love with Brick, even though he almost immediately hands Kate over to his driver (who's also his brother) for some "car sex" with once-virginal Kate (though for some reason Kate isn't shown servicing the driver, but it's made very clear that she does).

Yes, it's that old romance novel/porn novel chestnut, the virginal rape that leads to True Love.

To give Bondage Queen Kate its due, the movie sets Kate up as a submissive early on, being dominated with a higher-ranking Galaxy Patrolwoman, allowing her to shove her high-heeled foot into Kate's crotch, and when Kate's hanging by her wrists and menaced by sandworms, she juices so copiously that some of it falls into one of the creature's mouths, making it leap at her. Clearly, Kate enjoys being in peril and has a natural tendency to submit.

But we're not given any reason to understand why Kate is such a submissive, or any insight into her mind, so her responses consistently seem phony and unnatural, the usual puppetlike behavior of submissives in TV and movies that have no clue about developing female characters.

Part I of Bondage Queen Kate ends when Kate arrives at the slave training dungeons, where she is to be trained to be Master Brick's pet. Here we find lots of rivalries -- between Brick and another slaver, and between Kate and another slavegirl. Meanwhile, the Galaxy Patrol is tracking Kate through the desert toward the slaver's desert hideout.

Kate is puzzled by her own willingness to do and say anything Master Brick tells her to, as Brick uses various tricks and techniques to teach Kate what he already knows -- that she is his, body and soul. The combination of rivalries, Galaxy Patrol searches and a slave training process that's more psychologically oriented than anything else makes for a fairly interesting, plot and character-drive story, which is marred only because Kate's character never seems quite real.

All of this plot leads ultimately to the scene where Kate is hiking through the desert in a thong and thigh-high leather boots. And the thing about Bondage Queen Kate is, it's an interesting trip. The presence of a plot and graphic sex and bondage really makes things zing along. If it weren't for the shoddiness with which Kate's character is constructed, it would be a brilliant example of adult anime.

Kate's response to being raped (i.e., True Love) is my main problem here. Frex, take the way romances (I'm talking things like Harlequin Romances, Silhouette Romances and the higher-end stuff as well) treat the theme of "True Love as a consequence of rape." In romances, the rape generally occurs either halfway through or early on in the story. In the "halfway through" storylines, the heroine is already half in love with the man when he rapes her, and we see the story from her viewpoint, so we understand her reactions. Or if the rape occurs early on, as in "A Pirate's Heart," the heroine generally does not like it, but over the entire rest of the novel, she learns to love the hero anyway, as his better, non-rapist side becomes evident.

Kate's level of maturity and knowledge is far too clearly portrayed in her face. It's typical of anime that the characters look kinda young and blank, but generally their personalities are a little better developed than Kate's. She's shown here blushing -- she blushes a lot.

Sound familiar? The only difference between Bondage Queen Kate and "rape-->romance" novels is that Kate's character is much more clumsily done than in your average romance novel. Bondage Queen Kate is in fact a romance of the "rape leading to True Love" variety, very much in the manner of Gor.

As we noted earlier, there are a couple of attempts to establish that Kate is naturally submissive prior to her rape, which were deeply marred by the attempts they made to establish her as airheaded. So after the rape, Kate's feeling for Brick are established by her warm responses to whatever kindnesses or displays of affection Brick shows her.

For example, when they arrive at the Urfal hideout after Kate has spent several hours in the back of the hovercar being raped by Brick and his brother in succession, he puts some scanty panties on her and then picks her up in his arms (hers are, of course, bound).

Kate asks, "What are you doing?"

"After what you've just been through, walking must be difficult," Brick says warmly as he carries her into the hideout (the one with the dungeon where she is probably going to be trained as a slave).

Kate flushes in embarrassment but also pleasure and nuzzles her head against Brick's chest.

There are several other opportunities to flush in embarrassment and affection and to nuzzle Brick, and Kate takes full advantage of them. The biggest flush occurs when Brick's ex-wife tells Brick, in Kate's presence, that Kate might make a good wife for him.

Yes, there are indications that the full arc of Bondage Queen Kate might lead to marriage between Brick and Kate, albeit with a lengthy detour through sex slavery. Fortunately, we are spared any teary-eyed, blushy wedding scenes, or even proposals of marriage -- though there is a joyful reunion. However, it mustbe notd that when Brick and Kate have to separate for a time, Brick declare his love for her and that he will always come back for her. And there's also that clumsy sexual stuff going on, as Brick declares, "I can't die, Kate -- I've only made love to you twice, and I want more."

Unfortunately, we are also spared a lot of sexual bondage. The plot is so lengthily set forth that I found myself wishing at times that it had dwelled more extensively on the slavegirls in training, or given us more opportunities to see Kate experiencing the pleasures of sexual bondage with someone she loves, however unconvincingly that love is portrayed.

Because of all the sex slavery and the fact that Kate's character is so badly done, it takes a certain amount of intellectual work to figure out that Bondage Queen Kate is in fact a romance. So it's hard to call it a complete success. Still, it's extremely watchable, as the plot moves things along nicely, and once Kate is captured about 1/3 of the way into the story, there's almost always nudity or near-nudity and bondage imagery onscreen to give us a nice frisson of erotic pleasure.

Bondage Queen Kate wouldn't be my first choice for an anime to be converted to a live-action film, but if it were, I'd happily look forward to seeing it. In the meantime, Bondage Queen Kate remains a pretty good watch if you like strong storylines with your erotica.