City of Sin

We're not sure exactly what's going on here, but we're pretty sure it's some kind of sin.

City of Sin is a truly disgusting hentai that features a plot that's pure garbage, and characterization to match. It may well have been intended as darkly comedic, but with the usual ham-handed hentai approach it blows whatever dark comedy aspects it might have possessed.

Basically, there's a warlord who's taking over a continent castle by castle. He takes over one castle and the king and queen both attack him when he enters their throne room. The warlord and his minions kill both easily, thus rendering their comely young blonde daughter an orphan.

But maybe he's a responsible sort of warlord, since he elects to marry the woman he's just orphaned. Strangely enough the daughter seems to find this prospect pleasant. As she's prepping for her wedding day with the aid of two bridesmaids, who should enter the bride's chambers but the warlord, a huge, fat ugly fellow, and two of his goons.

He announces that the bridesmaids' work is done, and then has his two goons rape the bridesmaids while the princess watches in horror.

When a bridesmaid's work is done, the reward in City of Sin is ... rape. Actually, that's the reward, and the punishment, for just about everything in City of Sin.

And well she might. Because the warlord's idea of a wedding ceremony is to take her out on the ramparts of the castle, where his soldiers and her subjects are busily engaged in fucking every woman of marriageagle age in the kingdom, all of the women naked, most of them in collars and chains while they're at it. There he pierces the princess' clit with a ring and then rapes her in front of the cheering crowd.

What's more, the warlord has a proportionate kinda cock, in fact, it looks like one of those novelty giant dildoes they sell at sex shops, so it's a noisy and messy rape.

Mixing medieval European adventure stories with explicit hentai sex is a good concept that has worked well in the hands of people who made hentai like Wordsworth and Mei King, but it's very poorly realized by these people -- the princess' kingdom seems to number about two dozen people (including enemy soldiers) in the sex scenes, and two or three hundred when the princess looks down on the crowd from the ramparts while she's being raped -- er, married.

A "crowd" scene from City of Sin. Were they having to pay by the cartoon character or what?

All the background imagery is very much stock imagery, not at all the imaginative stuff in the better hentai. It's like they were operating under some kind of obscure budget where it costs more to draw a big castle than it does to draw a small one, or costs more to draw a crowd of thousands than a crowd of hundreds. Were they hiring extras to pose for the crowd scenes and building sets to draw the backgrounds from? That's kinda what it felt like but if so they got ripped off, because the illustration is static and crude compared to a lot of hentai. I'm guessing they were just lazy and/or cheap.

The princess isn't too happy with her new husband what with all the brutality and rape, and she goes to a church to pray, where she's raped by the preist in charge of things. (Must have been a Catholic church.) Poor gal can't catch a break.

Or maybe she can, because while she's being raped, the preist is killed by a sword stroke from a gallant young rebel who's come to rescue the princess.

Unfortunately, when the rebel knight lays out his plans for a widespread rebellion, we see images of more mass rape, pillage, murder and general nastiness in the princess' head. And instead of going along with the plot, she betrays the rebel knight to the warlord, hoping he'll stick the rebel in a dungeon cell to cool off for a few years and all that nasty killing and pillage and rape won't happen.

Instead, the warlord has the rebel knight beheaded on the guillotine (given the warlord's well-developed brutality, foreseeing this move should have been a no-brainer, but I'm afraid this is pretty much what the princess is.)

The princess begs the warlord piteously not to execute the young rebel, but to no avail. In fact, the warlord is so disgusted by the princess' obvious concern for the handsome young rebel knight that he tosses her over the parapet to a waiting crowd of soldiers for some mass raping.

The princess parapet-toss -- to a waiting crowd of citizen-rapists.

The soldiers take full advantage of their access to the princess. Somewhere in the process of the mass rape the princess' mind snaps and she starts to really like being raped.

You can tell that her mind has snapped and she hasn't come to any rational rapprochement with being the wife/rape victim of a scum-sucking warlord because she keeps laughing in a crazed sort of way at various inappropriate moments, such as while being raped.

And she now shows every evidence of enjoying being displayed naked before her subjects with her legs spread wide prior to and after being raped. She's a whole new woman!

With his bride/rape victim on board for all the rape and brutality, the warlord is all about getting down to business, and he goes to the next castle over to make war on it.

It's not much of a battle as the warlord has a ton of dorks willling to march in his army, 'cause he's smart about one thing: he knows that the soldiers for his armies come from the bodies of women, and so he has all the women in each village he conquers raped specifically so they will bear lots of little soldiers to replenish his armies a few years down the road.

The newly conquered royal castle's inhabitants turn out to be the princess rape victim's aunt and sister. Now that Princess Rape Victim is all insane, her response to seeing her aunt and sister in the clutches of the guy who raped the shit out of her and her subjects and drove her insane is a little abnormal. She gloats at their predicament, telling them how much she hates them.

Sis and mom are understandably upset by Princess Rapevictim's revelations, but they're soon too busy being pierced and raped by the warlord to pay much attention.

Meanwhile the evil warlord, now in possession of no less than three royal rape victims, decides to lighten his load, and has his minions decapitate Princess Rapevictim as she watches him rape her mother and sister.

The end.

There are only two possible ways to interpret a story this sick, people. One, it's an honest expression of deep, heartfelt cynicism and vileness. Two, it's black comedy.

If it was black comedy, much must have been lost in translation, because there wasn't any pointed humor to the dialogue at all.

Still, the story is so antithetical to your typical storyline that you have to give it some thought. I mean, let's look at the bare bones of it:

  1. Princess of conquered country is forced to marry warlord who conquered her country.
  2. The "wedding ceremony" turns out to be her public rape
    a) her attendents also gets raped
    b) her whole country gets raped
  3. Princess goes off to pray for herself and country. Gets raped by priest in the process.
  4. Heroic knight comes along to rescue her and lead revolt
  5. Princess betrays knight to avoid turmoil of revolution. Knight is beheaded.
  6. Warlord conquers neighboring domain where princess' aunt and sister live
  7. Now-crazed princess gloats over her aunt and sister's predicaments as they're raped
  8. Princess is killed, the end.

The storyline is so exactly opposite your typical fairy-tale princess story that it's natural to assume that it's black humor, purposefully created that way to make a dark point.

But black humor has to have a humorous element, and City of Sin plays it straight throughout. There's not a hint of humor in the story anywhere. The spiky, snarky wit one generally associates with black humor is entirely missing, along with wit of any description.

So I don't really know what to make of this mess. Stories in which amoral guys who are as much villain as hero are triumphant are fairly common in hentai, but they generally aren't as totally nasty as this hentai. On those grounds alone, I'd give it a pass.

Mussolini-boy. What a charmer.

In addition, the villain is butt ugly -- he looks like an even bigger, fatter Mussolini (except his eyes have no irises -- all you see is whites) and his henchmen wear a helmet/loincloth combination (when not actively engaged in rape) that makes them look like real doofuses.

Women who like sexy cartoons tend to like their guys handsome, so this is not a likely couples tape, even if it weren't so black in tone.

To put it simply, I can't conceive of anyone who's not a brain-dead scumbag with a heart full of vile evil liking this crappily-drawn hentai. So unless this description fits you, don't get this hentai. To put it another way, if you're smart enough to read these words, you're too smart to watch this hentai.