Cool Devices Operation 10: Binding

Ryoko's daughter all tied up and ready for whipping. Man, she's one strict mom!

Copyright 2005 by Pat Powers

Binding is a nicely done if cliche-riddled story that leaves you wondering what its true nature was, something that doesn't happen in hentai very often.

Our story begins with Masaki Hiroshino, a handsome young guy traveling on a passenger train, staring into the scenic distance and ignoring the other passengers. (As a train, it's no match for the train in Spirited Away, but then nothing is.)

Masaki is traveling to a remote town to cover a story for the men's magazine he writes for. Being your typical hentai hero (i.e., an idiot) Masaki falls asleep on the train. He awakens to find his knapsack stolen and with it all of his money and all of his tickets. He spots a kid with his backpack and jumps off the train in pursuit when it stops. But at the station, the kid eludes him, his train pulls out, and he's left at an empty train station with no way of getting anywhere.

Things get better for a moment -- a beautiful, friendly woman bicycles up to him and starts asking him why he's hanging around a deserted train station. (If you're wondering what a beautiful woman is doing hanging around a deserted train station and picking up guys just remember -- this is a hentai.)

The woman introduces herself as Miyuki and gives Masaki some bad news -- an earthquake has damaged the tracks ahead (not so farfetched -- this is Japan, remember) and he can wait all day for the next train, but none will be coming through.

Miyuki invites Masaki to stay with her at her mother Ryoko's house while he goes about getting re-equipped with money and tickets and clothes and stuff. Masaki accepts the friendly, beautiful woman's invitation and they head off to her house.

Kana, Ryoko's beautiful French maid, shows Masaki to his room and invites him to make himself comfortable before supper. Masaki obliges by taking a nice hot shower, but his cleanup is interrupted by Kana, who slips into the shower and informs that Ryoko has told her that she must "take care" of Masaki in every respect. Which she proceeds to do by means of a blowjob in the shower.

After fucking the maid in the shower, Masaki heads down to dinner, which Kana has somehow managed to whip up while he dressed. Dinner is attended by Ryoko an her three beautiful teenaged daughters, Mina, Mayu and Miyuki.

All three daughters (and the maid, obviously) are not at all interested in dinner and VERY interested in Masaki. Mom seems kinda interested in Masaki, too. While none of them actually drooled over him, it was clearly a near thing.

Inside, he finds little Kana tied to a hassock on her back in a spreadeagle with her legs spread really wide, and since she's naked, all is being revealed. Standing over her is Ryoko, who's wearing a corset, panties, stockings and a nasty grin, and wielding a riding crop.

"Don't look at me!" pleads Kana when she spots Masaki in the doorway. "Don't look at me!"

Another cliche in a hentai -- a French maid is bent over a hassock, demonstrating once again that the Japanese translation of French maid is "bend over girl."

Frankly, there's nothing any regular guy likes to look at more than a naked woman, especially when she's spread out like Kana is, so of course Masaki looks. While he's doing so, a pair of hands materializes in the doorway behind him, and unknown to him, squirts something into the air behind him. In fact, whenever Masaki has one of his sexual adventures, we see these hands squirting stuff into the air, unknown to Masaki. What can it mean? Does he smell THAT bad? I mean, he TOOK a shower for Jeebus' sake!

Ryoko gloats over Kana's predicament, displaying her to him, finally inviting him to join her in "playing" with the helpless Kana. Masaki closes the door behind him, obscuring our view of what's going on, but we're betting that he did a lot more than look at her.

Next day, Masaki wakes up feeling a little disoriented after al the maid bondage and fucking (which we don't get to see, dammit, very uncharacteristically for a hentai). He goes out and sits in a chair on the porch. He hears moaning. What is it about this place? He goes to see, checking out some French doors. What he sees is Mina and Mayu engaging in a little incestuous lesbianism. While he's peeking through the door, someone secretly spritzes him.

Mina and Mayu are having a great time driving each other to orgasm, and Masaki is, once again, impressed. Maybe it was his heavy breathing or maybe it was his drooling, but they notice him watching them like and kiss one another. Instead of being frightened and/or offended, they just smile wickedly and invite Masaki to join them for a three-way. Which, of course, Masaki does. He falls asleep afterward, and who can blame the poor guy, having to satisfy two women at once?

After he wakes, Masaki goes out for a walk with Miyuki on the beach. They talk and Miyuki tells him about her interests -- she wants to be an illustrator, and always carries a notebook about with her so she can sketch things that interest her. Masaki finds her enormously attractive, and since every other woman at the house has proven to be a total pervert, a total hose beast or both, Masaki expresses his interest very directly by planting a big kiss on Miyuki's lips.

Miyuki, startled and offended, slaps Masaki hard and tells him off, then runs away.

Masaki's a little puzzled, but frankly, with all that other horny pussy jumping at his cock, he doesn't seem really upset.

Later that night, Masaki hears strange noises coming from behind a door. You'd think he'd know better by now, but no, he has to check it out. This is when he finds out what a strict mom Ryoko is. She has all three of her daughters tied up naked in various postures, postures which expose their pink pussies to all. And she's whipping them.

She's furious because they, like Kana, have had sex with Masaki. She's particularly mad at Miyuki, who steadfastly refuses to admit that she has done it with Masaki. This, of course, is because Miyuki has NOT in fact done it with Masaki. She's just being honest. All SHE ever did was just kiss him during a walk to the beach.

Ryoko doesn't buy this for a second. "Bring me the thorn whip!" she orders the maid, who's dressed in an Assistant dominatrix outfit.

Like we said ... Ryoko is one STRICT mom. Ryoko whips Miyuki with the thorn whip, right between her open legs, and Miyuki, tied at wrist and ankle is helpless to prevent her.

Mina and Mayu cry out for Ryoko to stop, expressing fears that whipping her so vigorously with the thorn whip will kill her, but Ryoko will have none of it, and keeps whipping her. (My suspicion was that the two of them just wanted their turn with the thorn whip, I mean, they're not exactly inhibited gals.)

Masaki, alarmed, opens the door and announces that Miyuki is telling the truth, all they did was kiss. Ryoko instinctively seizes on this as an opportunity to extend her dominance to Masaki, seeing that he clearly has feelings for Miyuki. (Although it can be argued that not wanting to see someone whipped to death is just decency, not necessarily an indicator of romantic feelings.)

Here's where the story took an even farther turn from reality than it was already at, and frankly, it wasn't all that close to reality to begin with. Reality wasn't a line in the distance to the story at that point ... it was just a dot. So Masaki lets Ryoko and Kana strip him and tie him up.

I just don't buy it. If it's consensual it's one thing, but he's supposed to be capitulating to Ryoko out of fear of what she'll do to Miyuki. Now, I gotta tell ya, although Masaki's no bodybuilder or martial arts expert (that we know of) he's a young guy who looks fit. And Ryoko is older and doesn't appear to have done much working out with anything other than a whip. And so I'd gladly give four to one odds that if Masaki wanted to be in charge of the situation he could take the whip from Ryoko pretty easily. (Let's not even talk about Kana -- a mild glare would stop her in her tracks.)

So I kind of think Masaki was just looking for an excuse to get tied up and join in the festivities.

Anyway, there's more sex from this point, as Ryoko CRUELLY forces Miyuki to kneel in front of him and spread 'em. And I don't mean just spread her legs. She is ordered to show Masaki everything, which means pulling her vaginal lips apart and revealing that she's got pink things inside them.

While Miyuki's splitting her beaver for Masaki -- and while Masaki is restrained -- Ryoko reveals that it was innocent little Miyuki who secretly spraying the perfume or whatever into the air just before Masaki had one of his erotic adventures. It was an aphrodisiac which renders guys a lot more interested and, um, capable than they normally are, call it "Viagra Perfume" if you will. It's not clear why Miyuki did it, in fact, a lot of things get unclear at this point, as some of the names are clearly mis-captioned and an extra maid pops up from nowhere.

Masaki doesn't much care about this because Mina and Mayu are double teaming his cock with their mouths while Kana and whoever the hell it is slips dildos and vibrators up their pussies and Miyuki masturbates.

Ryoko then forces Miyuki to pee on Masaki, and that's pretty durned disgusting, but then Ryoko lets Miyuki have sex with Masaki. But before they can orgasm, Ryoko orders the maid(s) to pull Miyuki away from Masaki so SHE can have sex with him and have that nice orgasm ... and then ... and then ... and then ...


I kid you not. Apparently, in Japan, when the Earth moves for someone, it REALLY moves.

Well, things start falling from the roof of Ryoko's house and it's looking like the place will go at any moment, so Masaki, magically untied, grabs Miyuki's hand and they run out of the place at top speed -- pretty much ignoring Ryoko, Mina, Mayu and Kana, not to mention the extra maid or sister or whatever. Leaving them to their doom as it were.

Masaki and Miyuki make it out all right, but there's no sign of the others. That's all right though, the anime ends on an idyllic note with Masaki and Miyuki strolling arm in arm past the ruins of her former home, with Miyuki apparently quite reconciled to the loss of HER ENTIRE FAMILY!!! because you know, she's got a boyfriend now. And mom was SOOO strict.

The credits come on, and you think the story is at an end, but there's an epilogue. The train finally gets through as the earthquake damage is repaired. They are blinded by its lights, and then ... Masaki wakes up, still on the train. His pack is still with him. Was it all a dream?

Then he looks at what he clutches in his hands -- Miyuki's sketchbook, opens it, and there he sees a hand-drawn portrait of none other than Miyuki.

We're left wondering what happened -- if it was all a dream, how did that sketchbook from his "dream" get into his hands? With Miyuki's picture in it?

Frankly, like a lot of hentai (even those that don't include dream elements) it all makes more sense of you consider it as a dream. And for having the good sense to hide the enormous lapses in plot and characterization within the very forgiving confines of a "dream" plot structure, we gotta give 'em credit. And for having the discipline to not allow the story to melt down into a straightforward erotic fantasy until the very end, we have to give 'em more credit.

The quality of the animation is about on par with other anime. There is some strong sexual bondage imagery, most notably in the scene where Ryoko has her three daughters tied up in extreme sexual display positions so she can easily whip their genitals. There's no really strong imagery otherwise.

The plot rolls merrily, if irrationally along. From the point where Masaki discovers his bag has been stolen, you're pulled right along. The mansion collapsing in an earthquake at the end of the story is of course a variation of the "mansion burns down" cliche that's so prevalent in hentai, but that's the only real plot cliche.

The characterization is extremely weak, more along the lines of U.S. porn than normal hentai. Except for nasty old Ryoko, who apparently lives to cause pain, all the women in the story have one single interest -- to have sex, especially with Masaki. And Masaki is, as I've already indicated, your usual idiot. Being generous, I ascribe this weak characterization to the dream nature of the story. But if you want to figure it's just empty-headed porn characterization, well, I can't blame you.

I can blame you if you think the story itself is just porn. Unlike porn, it has a mildly eerie, dreamlike quality that ordinary porn just doesn't ever achieve. And unlike porn, Binding pays attention to making that story work. Hentai strikes again. More particularly, Cool Devices strikes again.

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