Cool Devices Operation 11: Fallen Angel Rina

Rina is deeply embarassed to be seen in public wearing this revealing sling thong ... but that's just the beginning for her ...

Copyright 2005 by Pat Powers

The final installment in the Cool Devices series is a story that ought to resonate with American audiences. Rina Yuki, a young virgin idol singer (think Madonna/Britney Spears/Christina Aguilera) has a father who's a much less capable businessman than he thinks, and who has brought his (and her) financial affairs to ruin. This one could also be called "The Debbie Reynolds Story" (more about that later).

Rina has no clue how badly things have been going until Dad becomes so ill that he's on life support and will die if he goes off it. A corporation owned by Class 1 Evil Dudes offers to buy Rina's contract and keep the money flowing to keep dear old Dad medically attended -- but with that contract, they pretty much get total control of Rina (and you know how stringently Evil Dudes tend to interpret "total control" in hentai). (And there are hints that the Class 1 Evil Dudes rigged her father's illness in the first place.)

Hence my reference to Debbie Reynolds, a movie star who lost everything because the men in her life -- husbands, in her case -- squandered all her money, and Reynolds was forced to go out and take gigs she might not have taken otherwise. Granted, they weren't exactly the same gigs Rina took -- this happened back in the 1950s after all.

Rina of course agrees to the contract. The Evil Dudes (including one Dudess) decide they want to sex up Rina's image, pushing her to the next step beyond being a virgin idol, which is apparently public sex slavery (who knew?).

The nice thing about this hentai is that instead of having Rina go from virgin idol to sex slut in a heartbeat, she is transformed bit by bit, and the result is a much more engaging story than the norm.

We see Rina's embarrassment when she's forced to dance in a skimpy thong, and we see her embarrassment when she's forced to pose in sexually suggestive poses while almost wearing skimpy thongs. At every step along the way we see the bad guys pressuring Rina to go through with each new act, even going so far as to threaten to turn off the life support on her dad if she doesn't do as they say, thus "breaking the contract."

We also see signs that Rina's enjoying all the sexual displaying and sexual activity. After all, that virgin stuff has got to become a grind after awhile (another Debbie Reynolds element, come to think of it.)

Later in her "career" Rina finds herself garnering publicity to promote her new album by appearing in bondage for a gang rape. It's kinda like a booksigning at Border's except the fans write on HER, and they use penises instead of pens to do the writing. Rina does the writhing.

By the time Rina's having sex with guys in an adult movie theater and peeing on the floor doggie style at their command, we know Rina's unhappy about it, but at least we have some basis for understanding why she's doing it anyway, so it's a heck of a lot more believable than what you'd see in most hentai, or for that matter, most U.S. softcore flicks.

Just plug your favorite movie star or sexypop singer into the storyline and you're off to the races with this one. If Britney or Christina or Debbie Reynolds did hardcore bondage, this would be the way it would probably go. It's a brief, jazzy sex fantasy that doesn't go out of its way to insult your intelligence. Cool Devices finishes strongly with a very engaging, very resonant, very kinky story.

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