Cool Devices Operation 1: Curious Fruit

A curious young woman finds what she's after -- and a lot more, and the couple she's followed show her a few tricks she can do while naked and chained.

Copyright 2005 by Pat Powers

The story begins when a young couple enters an upscale bar and the woman asks for a Gimlet. She's dressed in nothing but a corset, a thong and a see-through body stocking that allows the rings from her pierced nipples to hang out.

The guy, who is much more modestly dressed, is all over her at the bar. They're observed by three mildly scandalized single gals who make comments. The shyest, most inhibited of the three, a neat freak named Ai, is overwhelmed by the sight of the couple making out in the bar, and she follows them out of the bar, practically hypnotized.

Of course, the couple soon heads into a dark alley for some semi-private sex (as opposed to the public sex they were having in the bar). Ai watches the woman give the man a blowjob under his trenchcoat. When they leave the alley she follows them, but winds up in a deserted building where they confront her and promise to "show her what she's looking for."

A pair of formerly curious young bondagettes do the human furniture thing -- which has to be the most boring kink imaginable.

If you guessed that what they had to show her was lots and lots of sexual bondage, you're absolutely right. She winds up in a room with a lot of women wearing nothing but bondage gear, which is what she's wearing, what's more she winds up giving the guy a blowjob while in chains.

Next thing you know, she's crawling on her hands and knees, still wearing nothing but bondage gear but this time wearing a ballgag and with a dildo jammed up her pussy, in the middle of a big party of fetishists.

She's the hit of the party of course. One guy asks, "Fresh meat?" and the woman who enticed her into this whole thing says, "Just some horny bitch who was wandering around loose downtown."

Ai finds that she really enjoys being a sex slave. The intense response she had to the public sluttiness of her predecessor gave the game away to us as well as to her "captors" and was a revelation to her as well. (They don't really capture her -- this is an entirely consensual story.)

In the final scene, the three single girls are wondering where Ai got off to, as she is never at home any more, when into the club walks this couple and the woman, who's not wearing a stitch south of her waistline and is behaving like a total slut, looks VERY familiar ...

This is a fundamentally sound hentai about sexual self discovery. It's not particularly deep or surprising, but at least has a plotline that rolls right along, some good bondage imagery, and some respect for its characters. The theme of Ai's sexual self-discovery isn't exactly a new one in porn, but it beats some kind of stupid contrived plotline. There's also some nice jazzy rock with some hot babes dancing in the opener and the party scene.

The character design is nice, but not outstanding, and the animation is what I would call low-end middle hentai -- not as bad as the worst stuff out there, but relying heavily on long pans over still shots, with jerky movements instead of smooth ones. The sex scenes don't break any new ground in the way that, say, Princess 69 does, but they're very nicely focussed on helping Ai learn what a kinky submissive she is.

And that's where "Curious Fruit" really scores -- a certain sly intelligence in the way it picks out shy neat-nik as the most likely prospect for becoming a panting, drooling sex slave.

All in all, it's one of the better Cool Devices.

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