Cool Devices Operation 2: Sacred Girl

A three-way between a young man, his tutor and his sister leaves one of them a distinctive third wheel.

Copyright 2005 by Pat Powers

I'm not really well qualified to review this one, as incest themes squick me. And even though this is a fairly well handled story, I'm not sure I can do it justice because I really do not like its theme.

"Sacred Girl" is the story of a young guy who inherits a lot of money and a business empire. He has a slightly younger sister but I see no sign she inherited anything other than money, because the only thing she ever shows any interest in is protecting big bro from other women so she can have him for herself.

When sis makes a play for bro early on in their lives, he figures out what her game is, and also that HE's hot for HER. But he's also conflicted about it -- that whole incest thing -- so he sets himself up alone in a mansion where he throws fabulous sex parties to which he does not invite -- himself. Instead he watches it all on a bank of video monitors he has installed in an upstairs suite where he hangs out and keeps sis at arms length.

The balance of power is upset when a corporate hottie makes a play for bro, a play he finds pretty durned appealing. But sis breaks in on their clinch (no clothes had been doffed, they were just kissing) and chases the hottie off.

The hottie quickly tumbles to the fact that sis is hot for bro, and so she seduces sis, figuring ... I don't know what the hell she was figuring. Sis quickly and easily succumbs to the hottie, who has made sure they do it in front of bro. The hottie also shows sis the concealed camera bro has been using to secretly watch her.

Somehow, this shortly leads to a three-way between sis, the hottie and bro, and then sis and bro are finally able to get it on. The hottie ends up being very much a third wheel. The end.

The defensive measures that bro took when he first discovered that he and sis were incestuously inclined were interesting and were what made the hentai a little more than a simple incestuous wish fulfillment fantasy. It's that little bit of extra psychological depth that distinguishes Cool Devices from the common run of hentai. That said, the fact that sis and bro end up getting it on does not, to my mind, constitute a happy ending but YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary).

Also note that incest fantasies are common in hentai, but in most of them the alluring "sister" is not REALLY the guy's sister, although she kinda is, so making it with her is OK, even if it's kinda not OK. I realize this makes no sense, by the way. I am explaining a hentai. Making sense puts WAAAY too many restrictions on me.

The animation in this one is nothing to write home about. While not crude, it didn't break any ground. It tells the story and so forth in a workmanlike sort of way, which is about all you can ask, sometimes.

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