Cool Devices Operation 3: Lover Doll

Left to right: the rabbit girl with pierced nipples from "Lover Doll," the girl wearing the swimsuit with the breasts (and pussy) cut out in "Winter Swimsuit" and a little brain clearing in "Enema."

Cool Devices -- Operation 3: Three Short Ones

3a: Lover Doll

Copyright 2005 by Pat Powers

A gal wearing rabbit ears and nothing else is confined to a tiny cage that forces her to kneel. Her hads are cuffed behind her back. Her nipples are pierced but instead of rings both nipples are pierced by a single slender metal rod with a knob on either end to keep the pressure of her large breasts from sliding her nipples off the rod. The breasts are only mildly compressed by the rods, and rabbit girl, while wearing a woebegone expression, doesn't seem to be particularly pained by having her breasts linked together at the nipples.

A catgirl enters the room. She's wearing a short dress that doesn't quite cover her butt cheeks, cat ears and a tail, but she's unbound. That's all we know about her other than the fact that she's pretty durned determined to have sex with the cute little rabbit girl in the cage. They smile at each other, so we know it's true love. She and the rabbit girl have sex as best they can through the cage. They're pretty imaginative and limber, so they do a surprisingly good job of it.

Then a man comes into the room and bends the catgirl over the cage and fucks her from behind whlle the rabbit girl watches from beneath. Then there's either a flashback or the rabbit girl is simply removed from her cage and fucked. I think it's a flashback because she's wearing some sort of clothiing and her nipples aren't rodded. In the flashback, she's blindfolded and ballgagged and suspended by the wrists. The guy takes her from behind and drips hot candle wax on her.

Back in the present the guy finishes with the catgirl and then sticks his cock through the cage and titfucks the rabbitgirl. Now we see why her nipples are connected by a rod -- so the guy can titfuck rabbit girl while her hands are cuffed behind her back (in all the live-action titfucking I've seen, the woman presses her breasts together against the guys cock while he does the old in and out on them. Come to think of it, that's how it works in real life, too (don't ask). He comes on the rabbit girl's tits and that's the end of the story.

As you can see, this Operation is pure porn. It's good porn, but there's nothing in the way of story or characterization to make it worthwhile. The quality of the animation is just fine, but so what? It's just porn. That would be the only reason to watch it.

3b:Winter Swimsuit

A girl at in indoor pool gives a guy a blowjob, then he cuts a strategic hole in her swimsuit and fucks her. It is snowing outside. Very poetic.

Really, that is all there is to this one. It's just porn. There's a nice background score (typical of Cool Devices) and lots of shots of falling snow, but that's about all there is that isn't porn. The snowflakes mean that the vignette might have had pretenses to being something other than porn, but frankly, they just weren't enough. It's just porn.

3c: Enema

A woman is accosted by her lover in a bathroom stall. He forces her to disrobe, then has sex with her. She seems vaguely reluctant to do ... everything ... but not so reluctant that she doesn't wind up doing ... everything. Next on the agenda is vaginal sex. Finally, she's taken from behind for some anal sex.

At the end, boyfriend is preparing to leave, saying, "All your studying constipated your mind." So, that's the titular enema -- a strictly mental cleansing, as it were, by way of sex in every orifice. The vignette ends with the gal asking for "More, please." Apparently her mind WAS kinda clogged by all her studying. Once again, this is just porn, but with a nice bit of humor. And there's that important bit about studying for finals and having anal sex, too. Who says hentai are't educational? OK, you do.

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