Cool Devices Operation 4: Kirei

Kirei, cuffed to the bed, is stripped before being raped by her girlfriend Rui, who's under the influence of truly evil natives.

Copyright 2005 by Pat Powers

This is the absolute low point in the Cool Devices series and is also very possibly the worst hentai I have ever seen. It's so different from the others in animation style and tone that it's clearly done by a completely inferior crew.

The anime opens with a scenes of a young woman being gang raped by a pack of tribal-looking guys led by a blond guy who looks like Fabio's pasty cousin with a butterfly tattooed on his face. After they're finished, they toss the gal into a bottomless pit. Lovely folks. Just before they close the opening to the pit, a butterfly flies out. It has exactly the same patterning as is on the blond guy's face. This is supposed to symbolize something, perhaps lessening the raw brutality of the tribesmen's behavior.

We switch to a scene of a couple of gals vacationing on an island with a bunch of other cruise ship passengers. One of them, Rui, is chasing butterflies. Her friend Kerei warns her that they'll get lost. But they don't get lost, they get caught -- by the tribal-looking guys.

The tribal-looking guys haul Rui and Kerei back to their hideout, where they handcuff the unconscious Kerei to a bed and give Rui a drug that turns her into a sex zombie (where DO they get thise drugs? I would have KILLED for a drug like that in high school, back before I figured out that you could get girls to have sex with you by being nice to them).

When Kerei wakes up, Rui pretty much rapes her, while the tribal guys look on. Then the tribal guys have sex with Rui.

Kerei wakes up after a bit and discovers her handcuffs are gone, apparently removed by Rui. She finds Rui sitting in a corner, still drugged out. She drags a groggy and reluctant Rui out on an escape attempt. They are quickly recaptured by the bad guys, which is the occasion for more sex with Rui and also with Kerei. Then the blond guy declares that they don't need Rui any longer, so it's down into the bottomless pit with her.

Like I said, lovely people.

After this, there's more sex with Kerei, who seems to have decided the guys may not toss her into the pit if she really puts out for them, so she's very forthcoming with the orgasmic moans. Turns out she's wrong about the pit. The blond guy, after watching her get raped a lot, and raping her some himself, says, "You have shown me everything that is beautiful about you" and orders her tossed into the pit.

As she goes plummeting to her doom, we see Kerei embraced by Rui -- presumably, the spirit of Rui. And before the pit door closes, two butterflies escape.

I gotta say, what a pile of crap! This vignette strongly reminds me of another very similarly themed stinker I once saw: Lars von Triers' "Breaking the Waves." In "Breaking the Waves" a none-too bright but very nice woman marries a hunky guy who's paralyzed in an industrial accident. She gets the idea that she can cure him by having sex with other men, so she does. But she lives in an incredibly rancid, puritanical village and though lots of guys have sex with her, they and the rest of the village hate her for letting them have sex with her, and abuse her at every opportunity.

After much humiliation, abuse and unpleasant sex, she's finally tortured to death by the kinky crew of a trawler that's come to visit, effecting a miraculous cure for hubby. (No, I am not making this up.) The townsfolk feel she's a stinky ho and won't let her be buried in the graveyard, so she's buried at sea, but as she's buried, bells mysteriously ring.

The link between the two stories is clear -- innocent women are tortured, have lots of unpleasant sex, and finally are killed, but we're supposed to think it's all OK because, in Kerei, butterflies escape the pit, and in Breaking the Waves bells ring.

I'm sorry, these pathetic little trinkets of symbolic redemption just don't come CLOSE to making up for all the rape and torture and murder that precedes them. I suppose there's a certain sort of person who finds this poetic crap rewarding, but I don't think many of them watch porn. I certainly don't care for it -- in both films, I would much rather have seen a squad of space marines bust in on the bad guys, wipe them out with well-aimed laser blasts, and rescue the gals -- superficial as that may have been.

As things stand, I feel completely justifed in condemning both Kerei and Breaking the Waves as total crap. Give me honest porn any day.

I didn't care for the cartoonish animation style in Kerei, either. The absolute worst of the Cool Devices and the worst hentai I have seen as well. Possibly the worst ANYTHING I have watched other than "Breaking the Waves." Don't bother unless you have found that my tastes in hentai run exactly counter to yours, in which case, you're in for a treat!

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