Cool Devices Operations 5 and 6: Seek

Saki in action:Left, she and a male assistant give a female slave a taste of pineapple upside down cock, right, she orders a slavegirl to partake of her best.

Copyright 2005 by Pat Powers

This particular Cool Device opens with a series of dreamlike images that run the gamut from innocent -- a little girl in traditional Japanese garb playing with a ball -- to the kinky and frightening -- a naked woman in bondage and something clearly borrowed from Salvador Dali.

Hello, Dali!A nifty little "steal from Salvador Dali ... just the sort of thing that separate Cool Devices from the competition. Powerful, sophisticated graphic imagery that's unfortunately several notches above the quality of the stories.

This seems to promise some psychological depth to the story, but in fact this is one of the weaker eps of cool devices in that respect.

Slave Girl Marino starts out naked, bound and in a cell. She's hauled out of the cell by two dominators, a mysterious masked male who tells her she is to become a puppet, and a dark-haired vixen who yells at her and whips her a lot.

As the rest of the story progresses, Marino says, "No, please no!" a lot and it does her absolutely no good. Lots of sex, lots of bondage, lots of whipping, even an enema (something the Japanese think is sexy for some reason -- don't ask me why, but the emotional payoff of enema scenes seems to be the loss of control when the woman looses her bowels after the enema, generally while acting very, very embarassed about the whole thing.)

The central figure in the story isn't even Slave Girl Marina, arguable, it's the vixenish vemale dominator Saki.

Seems Saki fell in love with a leading bondage artist when she was younger, modeling for him. She discovered that he was a "masochist female dominator" in the bedroom (who'd a thunk it?) and that she really liked being the masochist female that he dominates.

Unfortunately, her master, being old, dies on her. She becomes the slave of his successor, another talented bondage artist.

But her role for her new master is less masochist female and more dominatrix and procurer of more masochist females.

The three slaves recruited by Saki give it up in this powerful montage.

She procures three slaves for her new master, a blonde a brunette and a redhead, whom she terrorizes with whips and electric clips and the usual assortment of SM stuff.

Also there is much training in sex, most of it involving sex while in bondage. Surprise, surprise. All of this is preparation for a big party on the occasion of a new painting by the new bondage master artist.

The imagery for Seek is just plain hardcore in places ... but because all of the graphic imagery is strong, it kinda fits right in.

All sorts of kinky people show up for the party, and the three slave girls constitute the entertainment for much of it, as all sorts of kinky things are done for them.

Then the three slavegirls sneak up on the dominatrix, who's off pining over her old dead master, and tie her up and take her out to the party and do kinky things to her for the guests.

It's a happy ending I suppose, but the characters aren't very believable. Saki is the central character, and her longing for her departed master is touching, but there just isn't enough else in the way of character development to make her come alive. The plot is just an excuse for lots of sexual bondage imagery, coolly done though it is. In general this is one of the weaker operations of the Cool Devices series. The strong graphic imagery, particularly the sexual bondage imagery makes it worth watching, but I wish there had been more in the way of story and characterization backing it up.

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