Cool Devices Operations 8 and 9: Slave Warrior Maya

One of the most powerful scenes in hentai -- poor Maya has been so overwhelmed by the mind control techniques used by her captors to reduce her to a total sex slave that she can't pause from sucking her weird artificial cock even when a potential rescuer shows up.

Copyright 2005 by Pat Powers

In what may well be the best (and most Gorean) of the Cool Devices series, a young Earth girl named Maya gazes too deeply into a crystal ball at a fair and winds up transported to an alternate reality.

The world she finds herself visiting is ruled by dark Lords who wear capes and hoods, and out of the hood glares a single red mechanical eye instead of a face. Think Darth Vader with a stop light for a face.

The dark Lords are under investigation by an interplanetary federation of sorts which rightly suspects they are up to something. They send an inspection team, a very attractive young couple, to check the place out.

Cover to "Slave Girls In The Movies and On TV: The Hottitude of Servitude."

The inspection team cruises blithely around the planet, hoping that their psychic member will be able to pick up the thought waves of evildoers. Instead, they keep picking up thought waves from Maya.

Meanwhile, Maya finds herself transported to a parklike place where she's approached by two cute, cuddly-looking characters who look like Disneyesque talking frogs.

In short order these two cuties trick Maya into doffing her clothes (by offering her other clothes) and then inform her that a woman voluntarily going naked in their world is proclaiming herself a slave. They tie her up, then haul her off to the local slave market, where she's auctioned off and sold to the dark Lord Garius.

Lord Garius' plans for Maya involve transforming her into a sex maniac slave. This is accomplished by stripping her naked, chaining her spreadeagled in various ways, and sending metallic tentacles that look a lot like penises up her every bodily orifice.

At one point she's in a set of giant steel stocks that almost entirely enclose her arms and legs, creating a definite Boxing Helena vibe, with a metal snake up her pussy and tons of love juices oozing out from around it, when who should appear but the frog guys who captured her. They've stopped by to see how she's doing and tell her how sorry they are to have sold her out to a life of slavery. What swell guys.

Slave Warrior Maya in those futuristic stocks. Poor girl.
That tentacle goes exactly where you think it does. This is hentai!

Maya tricks them into pressing the lever that releases her, causing the stocks to open so she can make her escape. Unfortuately, she's still got a metallic tentacle jammed up her pussy, and it's really stuck in there -- try as they might, they can't get it out.

So one of the frog guys seizes a conveniently located axe and whacks off the tentacle at about ankle height, then Maya escapes with the frog guys, who are now her buddies, kinda.

Maya has some adventures with the metallic tentacle dangling from her pussy, of a non-sexual nature for the most part. Unfortunately the tentacle acts as a Lojack for Lord Garius' minions, and they track Maya down and recapture her.

Maya spend a LOT of time bound in various ways with metallic tentacles lodged in her pussy, anus and what-have-you -- with surprising results!

Back in the lair, Maya is once again strapped down naked and spreadeagled with metal tentacles going everywhere, and this time they stay at it long enough to achieve their desired result -- Maya's clitoris suddenly expands into a GIANT THROBBING COCK which comes shooting right up between her legs.

Yes, Maya is now a chick with a dick, which may be to Lord Garius' tastes. It's a pretty common phenomenon in hentai generally, and you'll be relieved to know that generally said chicks generally stick their dicks only in other women. Though there are ::cough Ogenki Clinic cough::: exceptions.

This is only the first step in Garius' planned transformation of Maya into a sex maniac slave. Part two involves Maya bound to a variation of the old gynecological exam table, with her pussy pulled wide open by metal catches. (She still has a pussy, it's right beneath her giant cock, which in any event sometimes can be returned to clitoris mode as it is at the moment.) An evil dominatrix has what appears to be a small brain with tentacles with her. She puts it on the table just outside Maya's pussy, and explains that it's an alien organism that will take over her body and transform her into a total sex maniac.

It makes its creepy, tentacled way up Maya's pussy while Maya does a lot of helpless writhing and screaming, and sure enough, Maya turns into a total sex maniac, although she acts more like a sex zombie, staring off in the distance and drooling until she has the chance to fuck someone or be fucked by someone.

We get a chance to see just how far Maya has descended into the well of sex maniac slavehood in one of the best hentai scenes I have ever seen. A girl whom Maya has befriended ventures into Lord Garius' dungeons to help Maya (apparently, Lord Garius' dungeons have an Open Door policy). She finds Maya sitting naked in her cell. Her wrists are cuffed behind her back, her ankles are shackled together, so she sits cross-legged and kneeling forward because she's wearing a collar that's tethered via a very short leash to a ring at the base of her giant cock, which she is busily sucking (see the artwork at the top of this page).

In fact, when her friend discovers Maya in this condition, Maya looks up at her apologetically for a moment and says, "I can't stop," and goes back to sucking the cock.

Obviously, the alien brain thing inside Maya is compelling her to suck the cock so long as it is there, which remains there so long as it is being sucked, in your classic vicious circle. Who knows how many hours or days she has spent like this? I suppose it helps pass the time when your cell has no TV set or reading material. But it REALLY shows how thoroughly they've got Maya under their control when she can't even be bothered to stop sucking on herself when a friend and possible rescuer pays a visit to her lonely cell.

Does Maya's friend wind up with Maya's giant cock inside her? (Hint: this is a hentai.) Does Maya manage to escape from Lord Garius and his minions a second time and become something other than a sex maniac slave? Do the interplanetary inspectors ever twig to Lord Garius' evil plans? What are we to make of the legend that an outworld woman will come and save the people of the planet from oppression, and its connection with Maya, an outworld woman? And what's with that whole chicks with dicks thing anyway?

"Slave Warrior Maya" does not stint on plot and imaginative graphics for it's non-sexual scenes, taking full advantage of the potential of animation, as seen here.

Well, you're just gonna have to watch the hentai to find out, which I heartily recommend because it is one of the best of the Cool Devices series, which is probably the best hentai series going. It mixes imaginative sexual imagery with an interesting storyline and characters you can like. It's sexy as hell, original as hell, inventive and entertaining. Hentai at its best -- enjoy!

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