Five Cards

The bad guy has smeared his fingers with his Love Concoction and daubed it in his kidnapee's mouth. Now guess where he's gonna put the rest of it ...

Copyright 2005 by Pat Powers

On a college campus (note: Japanese higher ed schools are not exactly like ours, the uniforms worn by the women in the school indicate it's probably a tech school equivalent, except their tech schools are not really equivalent to ours, so I just say "college" and to hell with it) women are being mysteriously kidnapped (well, it's not so mysterious if you've seen a lot of hentai). Seems a bad guy has gotten ahold of some concoction that turns women into slavering love slaves, so he's kidnapping coeds, tying them up in an attic, giving them the concoction, and having his way with them -- which thanks to the concoction, they respond to powerfully.

The hero of the story figures out that the women are being kidnapped, though he doesn't know by whom or how or why and heads out to find them, but is constantly being distracted by all the beautiful coeds who want to have sex with him. Well, more than distracted -- he has sex with them. And as the hero admits in his good-natured way at one point, it's just durned difficult to get anything done under such circumstances.

The bulk of the hentai alternates between scenes of the bad guy molesting his kidnap victims and the good guy slowly working his way through all the coeds toward the bad guy's attic. Plenty of consensual vanilla sex, plenty of nonconsensual bondage sex. There's a natural progression here, so that episode 1 has lots of plot and characterization, but by episode 4 it's practically all sex. It's an average hentai in terms of animation which is to say it's pretty durned good but uses a lot of stock characters. Its major redeeming feature is its lightheartedness. In a bawdy adventure, that's a pretty redeeming feature leaving it well above most hentai. A fun watch, in short.