Fragile Hearts

Little-Used Brains

Thoroughly Used Genitals

One of the final scenes in "Fragile Hearts" and its strongest by far -- in the foreground, we see the discarded remains of a group of android sex droids who look exactly like the protagonist, Andmaid Aki. In the shadows in the background we see Aki bent over a box, being taken from behind before being discarded with the rest.

Copyright 2005 by Pat Powers

This is the strongest entrant among the hentai that seem determined to prove that the Japanese Just Don't Get androids. Because once again, we have the story of androids who are designed as sex slaves, who are programmed to not like being android sex slaves.

Let's say that again: Fragile Hearts is about android sex slaves who are programmed not to like being android sex slaves.

Now, I'm not an unimaginative guy. I can see that it might be nice to have an android that might mimic dislike of a particular sexual act or to feign humiliation at something it's ordered to do. Fine. But EVERYTHING?? Why would you program an android sex slave to dislike EVERY sex act, sex itself in fact, and all the time?

Isn't that what real-life women are for? (We kid the women of the world, especially those who personally know us, here ...)

Seriously, wouldn't it be a HELL of a lot smarter to program some kind of sliding scale running from "Hate" to "Indifferent" to "Love" and to have it appplicable to specific sex acts and specific sexual roles?

You could even program it to feign disgust at acts it also loves, thus getting a little bit closer to normal human interactions. You'd wind up with an android that says "My mouth feels so empty and useless without your cock in it, master" one minute and "Don't touch me there, I can't STAND it when you touch me there!" the next.

Which still isn't exactly human, but at least it's a little more fun.

In fact, you could come up with some very funny scenes involving the controller for the sex droid's emotional responses to various things being unwittingly manipulated by a dog or someone in another room who thinks it's a video game controller.

But hey, that would be imaginative. and the maroons who made up Fragile Hearts got none of that stuff. Hell, they might as well be American softcore porn producers. (OK, that was mean, but it was also deserved.)

So we start out and this sex android is going to meet with her master, whining idiotically that she doesn't get to go to school like all the other girls she sees on the way to her current master's house. Earth to Sex Droid! You're a FUCKING SEX DROID! Act like it!

She's dressed in a maid's outfit with a really revealing breastline that reveals the ample cleavage created by her very large breasts (well, at least they got SOMETHING right). The outfit also doesn't quite manage to conceal the bottom of her nicely rounded butt. So when she's at the subway, she goes into a subway car whose passengers are all adult men dressed in suits. They're all very glad to see the scantily dressed sex droid in their midst and proceed to gangbang the hell out of her.

She doesn't much care for that, though of course being a sex droid she takes it in every orifice and gives out some hand jobs at the same time -- just on general android principles, we guess.

Fragile's subway rapists slip a vibrating egg up her pussy so she can enjoy her rape, too. Later she gets to walk home -- still wearing it in her, and the commuter guys' sperm on her face.

And the guys aren't totally inconsiderate -- one of them shoves a vibrating egg up her pussy while they're raping her. (Later, we get to see a close-up of the egg sliding out of her pussy while she showers).

Rinse. Orgasm. Repeat. Next scene, Fragile Heart dresses in a catsuit that reveals huge expanses of her huge breasts and includes panties with a built-in dildo that keeps her pussy full and a tail held in place by a butt plug. There's also a little collar with a bell. She wears this while she sucks her master than bends over, drops her dildo panties and takes it kitty style from behind.

Here's the dildo panties that Fragile wears while "on the job." Mouseover to see the buttplug cat tail she wears as well.

And afterward, we see her walking down a city street still in her catsuit, with the buttplug tail dangling out of her ass, and the dildo panties back in place (we can tell because her panties are visible beneath the very short hemline of her catsuit. Nice.

Andmaid Aki demonstrates her fighting skills via the famous "roll over and spread 'em" technique.

Next, Fragile is kidnapped by a group of bad guys who want to use her as a fighting female droid in an exhibition match. Yes, it's no holds barred foxy boxing android style, and in no time at all Fragile is pinned upside down with her pants pulled down and her legs splayed apart while her opponent explores her naughty bits. It's an unusual approach to wrestling but does seem to be a pretty fair projection of where women's professional wrestling is headed.

Thanks to some last-minute heroics, Fragile wins the match. But being an android, her reward is nonexistent. In fact, the next scene we see is the "Epirogue" (sic) in which Fragile is thrown into a warehouse, where she's promptly gang-raped by the workers there.

Throughout Fragile Heart 1 are disquieting scenes that presage the ending -- such as this shot of robot parts on display in the street when Fragile is out and about. -- implying that Fragile is as much of a commodity as they are. In fact, when we first see Fragile she's "awakening" but not in a bed -- she's in her storage box.

The final scene starts with a shot of two battered, discarded sex droids lying in a darkened room, while in the background a still-functioning sex droid is bent over a table and taken from behind by some kind of gorilla-like creature with hairy paws for feet and a huge cock. And, you guessed it, that sex droid is Fragile Heart, being used right next to the discarded torsos that foreshadow her future. Her very near future. (See illustration at top of page.)

Here's Aki captured by bad guys. Note that there are no bonds, just a few wires -- pretty accurate when you think about it, since for an android capture is just a matter of getting the right instructions to her chips.

Actually, it IS a nice touch, one of several in what is otherwise a witless piece of crap. I mean, most of the anime consists of repeated scenes of the big-eyed, big breasted cutie having sex while not liking it very much, under conditions in which choice is just not a matter for her. The plot is just a thin tissue designed to set up as much molestation for Fragile Heart as possible. Then they come up with a nice touches like this in the closer.

Throughout the hentai there are scenes that seem to imply a deeper meaning, however, like the one where Fragile pauses to gaze at the sunset after sucking off the guy (and yes, she's still wearing the catsuit with its buttplug and dildo panties). She gazes at it momentarily and wonders at the mystery of life before strolling down the street to her next assignment.

Aki gazes at the sunset, musing on the mystery of existence for one such as her, while wearing dildo panties and a buttplug. And that's why I love anime.

What we seem to be getting here is a sort of AI type story in which the disposable robot becomes a symbol of fragile human existence. This theme of Fragile's disposability, with its echo of human mortality, is handled very nicely where it appears. It's as if you're watching a hard-core porn flick with the usual relentless fucking and sucking but running through the plot -- and quite integral with it -- are touching, sometimes disturbing scenes that seem to belong to a classic film that touches on the deepest mysteries of human existence.

At the end of the warehouse sequence we see a closeup of Fragile's smiling face framed against a sunny sky, as if we are being assured that her robot brain has parked itself in a happier place and time as her body sits unmoving and battered in the warehouse.

This is why I watch hentai and why I bother to review them. Unlike American movies, they have the ability to surprise me. It's very possible that much of their ability to surprise springs from my ignorance of Japanese culture -- I certainly am no expert in the field. It would be interesting to know if Japanese fans of American porn of any kind get the same surprises and perhaps elevate them beyond what they really are.

In any event, the AI theme is completely dropped in the second installment. All that remain of Part 1 is is a bit in the beginning where Fragile notes that she's so happy the Professor rescued her from the sex droid scrap heap.

The Professor in question is your typical mad scientist, and rather than be a sperm-collecting rape victim, Fragile's job is to clean up around the Professor's mountaintop aerie, a job she absolutely loves. (OK, it's got to be a hell of a lot better than lying around in a dark warehouse dreaming of the good ol' days when she got gang raped a lot).

This idyllic existence is interrupted by the Professor's announcement that he has invented a device that will transform Fragile into a super crime fighting robot. It's a bracelet that locks itself in place (Fragile doesn't like that -- reminds her of some of her rapes) and then transforms her into a really snazzy outfit that reveals her breasts and legs to good effect.

Here we have SUPER Andmaid Aki in her first incarnation -- unfortunately, all that's super about her now is her costume.

"Isn't it risque?" Fragile asks.

"Hell, what do you care, you used to be a rape robot wandering around the city streets from gangbang to gangbang in a catgirl suit with your tits hanging out and a tail hanging out of your ass secured by a butt plug," says the Professor. "What the hell would you care about risque?"

(OK, that's not what the Professor said, but it would have made a certain amount of sense.)

So, anyway, Fragile still doesn't like sex. But she does like the idea of being a crime-fighting super robot.

"Will I be able to fly and shoot destruction beams from my eyes?" she excitedly asks the Professor.

The Professor confesses that no, he hasn't given her any super powers, having neglected to think of that. It's back to the drawing board for the bracelet, as the Professor is sure he CAN give her super powers.

And it's back to happy cleaning maid service for Fragile. (So, they designed a sex droid for rape that doesn't LIKE rape but DOES like something it's not designed to do, i.e., cleaning up. Yes, that makes perfect sense ...) But the idyll is short-lived as the professor soon has the bracelet upgraded, allowing Fragile to fly and possibly do other things not related to rape or cleaning.

Super Andmaid Aki version 2 has enough super-powers to send this giant robot packing ... apparently.

It's a good thing the professor upgraded the bracelet so soon, because it just so happens that giant robots are engaging in a crime spree and generally mucking up the countryside as giant robots will. The Professor declares that this will be a good test of Fragile's new powers, so off to the scene of the latest robot rampage she flies after doing her transformation thingie.

Here's a bit of the goofy humor of episode 2 -- during her battle with the robot, Fragile attempts to contact the Professor and get some advice, but gets a recorded message instead.

But after Fragile leads, we see the Professor secretly making radio contact with the current rampaging giant robot, telling it to lure Fragile to their base.

That's right, the Professor is up to no good, and if you think that means Fragile is about to get raped a lot, you're ... absolutely right! After the giant robot lures Fragile to the Professor's secret underground base full of giant robots, she's captured by a group of greenish energy beings whom her powers, such as they are, don't work on. The greenish guys do a little tentacle rape and then there's some regular rape and pretty soon they've got Fragile chained up and she's raped for about a week.

Ah, the old tentacle rape scene -- this one is just starting, and these are particularly nebulous tentacles.

I know this because the Professor, who puts on a gas mask to hide his identity, comes out to visit Fragile and asks her, "How does it feel to be raped for a solid week?"

"Better than your average evening spent watching performance art," says Fragile.

(OK, Fragile didn't say that. But she should have.)

The reason the professor has come out to see Fragile is that he wants to rape her himself. Which he does, still wearing the gas mask, while his goons hold her down.

Super Andmaid Aki is held down and forced to give her mysterious captor a blowjob. Fortunately, she's done this before ... a lot.

Afterwards, he reveals his identity to Fragile, who's of course outraged.

"Why?" she asks. "Why did you do this?"

"It's just to my liking," explains the Professor with a disarming grin.

"Oh," responds Fragile.

But the story does have a happy ending. In the epilogue to Heaven 2, we see a couple of young goons putting the moves on a dewy babe near a dark alley. Rape is in the offing.

Then Fragile comes jetting out of the sky and accosts the guys. She grabs them and drags them into the alley, telling the dewy young babe she can go safely now. We sense a major ass kicking is in the offing.

But once they're in the alley, Fragile starts begging the guys to rape her, rubbing their cocks as she does so.

"Rape me, please!" Fragile begs. Then with a smile she adds, "World peace feels good!"

Apparently, Fragile has finally learned to enjoy rape. Maybe it was that week of rape that did it.

Even apart from Fragile's improbable and unexplained turnaround on the topic of sex, this has to be the most unnecessarily convoluted plot I've ever encountered.

Let's see if I've got it straight. The Professor rescues a sex droid designed for rape fantasies from the scrap heap. He has a taste for rape, but he doesn't rape it -- after all, it's a sex droid designed to be raped.

Instead, he designs and constructs giant robots, designs and constructs evil energy minions and builds an underground lair, then builds a super bracelet to upgrade Fragile so she can fight the giant robots he built, then he finagles Fragile into fighting the giant robots so he can capture her and have her raped by his minions for about a week before he gets around to raping her.

And of course the reason all this is so gratuitously unnecessary is that she's a SEX DROID -- all the Professor needs to do in order to rape her is grab her, bend over any nearby furniture, and put the wood where it'll do some good.

There is an explanation for this convoluted plotline however: the Professor is a MAD scientist. All semblance of sanity has fled from his mind.

Would that other anime creators, and filmmakers generally, had such an excuse. Being made by people who are totally fucking insane and in no way in touch with reality would explain SO MUCH about modern films and anime. Sigh.

Overall, I can't recommend Fragile Hearts despite the nice AI-style touches in Heaven 1 and the goofy humor of Heaven 2. Both "Heavens" are just excuses for prolonged multiple rape scenes and there are a lot of technical problems with them.

Frex, the characterization is paper-thin even by hentai standards, which is the basic problem of both Heavens, especially Heaven 1, which could have used a little depth to back u the AI aspects of the story.

The plotting of Heaven 1 was episodic in structure, and there was no overarching teme to bring the episodes together into a single coherent whole, except for the failed AI theme (though the image of Fragile being taken in the warehouse along with the discarded previous Fragiles was very strong).

The design of the characters was generally very well done, especially Fragile, who had a very appealing face and figure. The professor and his minions were also nicely done, though the giant robots were kinda generic.

The technical quality of the animation was noticeably weak, mostly of the "lets save a few bucks here" variety. Frex, Fragile spent an awful lot of time standing stock still and staring at things in wonder, dismay or confusion. This is common enough behavior among anime characters, but Fragile does it for several seconds too long every time, which gets annoying very quickly. You just want to tell her to snap out of it, she's got rapists to satiate.

And there are several more blatant examples, such as the overhead shot of Fragile walking down a street. Everyone else on the street is standing still, and all we see of Fragile is the blobby shape of her torso with two blobby legs shapes in front of it. A second or two of such a scene is all we need to establish the scene, but we get to see Fragile walk all the way from the top of the frame to the bottom of the frame, taking her own sweet time about it.

In this scene, Fragile walks ... and walks ... and walks ... down the street.

The sex scenes are satisfyingly explicit, lengthy and frequent, but considering all the rape, humiliation and general kinkiness involved (meow, meow, buttplugged catgirl) there's really not a lot of bondage.

Fragile is chained to a wall at one point, but she's not molested while so restrained, except by having a couple of dildos stuffed in her pussy and anus. The energy beings do the tentacle rape thing, but being energy beings, it's not nearly so satisfying as a straight-up sexual bondage scene, as nebulous energy tentacles are just a little ... well, nebulous. One is reminded of Salvador Dali's painting, "Virgin Being Auto-Sodomized By Her Own Chastity." Enough said there.

A sympathetic tale of a sex droid being used and discarded by her various masters would be a very powerful story. Fragile Heart is not a powerful story. It's barely even a story. And that's a shame, because SOMEBODY in there was trying to make it work.