Holy Virgins

Here's a nun being taken doggie style while bound and gagged by a demonic acolyte, while another bound and gagged nun looks on in the background, from the hentai "Holy Virgins." You can't BUY that kind of publicity!

Copyright 2005 by Pat Powers

The primary religion in Japan isn't Catholicism, it's Buddhism and Shinto. I've yet to see a hentai that takes any digs at Shinto or Buddhism but I've seen several that have major fun with Catholicism, and Holy Virgins is definitely one of them. (To be fair, I'm not knowledgeable enough to recognize a sly dig at Shinto or Buddhism if I saw one.)

Holy Virgins deals with the exploits of green-haired Dr. Fuwa, whose tendency to fuck his nurses and ignore his patients has gotten him kicked out of a regular hospital. As a result, he starts his own clinic with loyal Nurse Megumi, who is clearly in love with Dr. Fuwa. Fuwa's autocratic ways continue, and his clinic isn't exactly a roaring success, so when an old friend comes to him with a medical mystery to be solved, he's got the time and the inclination to deal with it.

Now, Dr. Fuwa isn't portrayed here as some kind of hapless loser. He's bright, perhaps too bright to really get enthused by mundane illnesses like the palpitations and the heebie-jeebies, but a mysterious illness that makes nuns fall into comas every night with no memory of what they've been up to ... well, he's on a tramp steamer to the mysterious island nunnery where this occurs in no time.

The island, it turns out, is under some kind of curse (other than that of being surrounded by water and thus difficult to reach). The dogs is dying, the fish ain't biting and birds are attacking the nuns for no apparent reason (maybe some of them have heard that some nuns fly).

Dr. Fuwa examines the afflicted nuns, and here you can get an idea of what got him kicked out of the hospital: his examination consists of stripping, binding and blindfolding the nuns, smearing their faces and bodies with goo and putting cold things on their butts. (That's how I would conduct medical exams, too, which is probably why no hospital would let ME practice medicine either.)

Here's Dr. Fuwa "examining" one of the afflicted nuns. She must have a GREAT looking pussy!

There's also an elderly Father who runs the nunnery (it's Catholic, they wouldn't let mere women run things) but Dr. Fuwa doesn't subject HIM to an examination ... thank God.

Despite the, uh, rigor of Dr. Fuwa's examinations, the nuns like him, in the sense that all three are soon having sex with him. Perhaps they are under the spell of the island's curse, or perhaps they're behaving just like the nuns in every OTHER hentai that has a nun as a character that I've ever seen.

This is what is really happening when the women go into their nightly "coma." Of course it is ... this is a hentai!

The evil curse manifests itself in other ways, ways that have the nuns chained and naked, and other nuns tied up and gagged and being fucked doggie style (see opening illustration), and also giving blowjobs while tied up and naked. These manifestations make for some very tasty sexual bondage imagery, and the quality of the animation and character design, while not up there with Stepmother's Sin by any means, is better than most hentai, which makes for some good watchin', you bet.

This nicely rendered damsel in distress face is typical of the quality of character design and animation in Holy Virgins.

There's also some interesting character development. Dr. Fuwa's autocratic ways with nurses are at times almost indistinguishable from those of a rapist. Certainly, any signs of diffidence in the face of his sexual overtures -- such as not running away immediately -- are taken as consent by Dr. Fuwa. And he tends to ignore those subtle little signs that some women have of expressing reluctance, such as cries of, "No! Please, no!"

But in the course of confronting and facing down the evil that has afflicted the island and the nunnery, the evil claims that it and Dr. Fuwa are kindred spirits and that sooner or later he will "sell his soul to the devil." This actually effects a change in Dr. Fuwa's character, and afterwards he's a lot less autocratic in the way he deals with women, i.e.,. considerably less of a rapist. He even finds a way to gently break up with the 18-year-old nun who's convinced that she really loves him, rather than just leaving her.

While this doesn't exactly represent the greatest depths of character development ever encountered in a hentai, it's SOMETHING in a field where many male protagonists can charitably be described as amoral ("evil" would also fit in many instances). And it was interesting having a quasi-rapist who also worked determinedly to destroy the evil that was attacking the nuns. It was a much more interesting characterization than you typically get in porn of any kind.

The reason this damsel in distress is looking so surprised is that the hero is actually RESCUING her. Quite a change, for a hentai.

I would tend to give Holy Virgins an overall positive rating, though it's hardly at the top of the hentai field. I will have to point out that the "nun" theme doesn't resonate with me as it might with other viewers as I am not Catholic or religious. I think the religious themes of the hentai would have hit me with more force, such as the scene where a small effigy of the Virgin Mary is used in ways I don't think its makers ever intended, if I had any strong religious feeling. I might have liked them more, I might have liked them less -- as the saying goes, YMMV in this respect.

As a bondage fan, I was disappointed that Holy Virgins didn't have more bondage. The imagery that existed was tasty, but it didn't last long and there wasn't all that much of it -- despite the "exam" scene, Dr. Fuwa was portrayed as not being into bondage, and he's the one who gets most of the sexual action in this hentai. Still, there's enough vanilla sexual action and an interesting enough story to keep things rolling along.

What it lacked in bondage imagery, "Holy Virgins" made up in vanilla sex. Well, not all that vanilla. The two women pictured here are nuns, and they both participate at the same time, if you know what I mean. Here one is simply resting her blazing genitals while the other is serviced by Dr. Fuwa.