Imma Youjo V: Feast of Cliches

Have we got sexual bondage? Yes, we do! Maid Tomoka undergoes training for her "debut."

Copyright 2005 by Pat Powers

The fifth entry in the Imma Youjo series is a pretty good watch, although it seems to have every hentai clichŽ in the book going for it, starting with the lead female's name, Maya. (Cliche #1: many hentai heroines are named Maya or some variation of that, such as Mai or Mia. All the female leads in the Imma Youjo series are named Maya as well, though they're clearly different people. I guess giving them different names would have been too explicable.)

Maya is a young woman who's starting a new job as a maid (Cliche #2: maids are so commonly objects of lust that the Japanese term for "maid" is probably something along the lines of "Bend Over Girl").

Maid Maya bends over. Not a good idea in a hentai if you're a maid. Asking for it, really.

Her new boss resides in an isolated mansion (Cliche #3: really, I don't know how you can dominate anyone unless you live in an isolated mansion) and is of course very wealthy (Cliche #4: goes with the mansion, I guess). There's already a maid working at the mansion (Tomoka) who shows Maya the ropes (no, not THOSE ropes) and gives her a drugged drink every night so she won't notice all the sexual bondage acitivity Tomoka engages in with the mansion's owner and his sunglasses-wearing henchman (Cliche #5: to be sure, this is a general sort of clichŽ and not hentai specific).

Tomoka's master is training her to participate in a sex contest on his behalf. It seems that businessmen in master's circles cement deals with sexual surrogates. Each presents his surrogate (or "collection") onstage at a party and they have sex with one another. First surrogate to come loses, not just on his or her own behalf, but on his or her master's behalf as well in some real-world business deal of considerable import. (Hmm, d' ya suppose Enron . . . and Worldcom . . . and Adelphia . . . bad surrogates? . . . naaaaah!).

Maid Maya being bent over. Told you so.

Well, Tomoka blows it (and not in the good way) on her debut, leaving her master considerably less wealthy, but master has another card up his sleeve É Maya! So he's ready to start training Maya via BDSM sex. Maya did not understand that being a sex slave was part of the whole "maid" gig, but that's OK, she gets in the swing of things very quickly.

But the Master's mentally disturbed son has feelings for Maya, and so Oedipal conflict ensues. How does it all end? Well, let's just say the mansion burns down (Cliche #6Ð see the review of G-Taste for the particulars on this one.) Who will survive the fire? What is the family tragedy that created the whole situation? Why does the hentai keep returning to a painting of the departed mother, smiling enigmatically?

Slavegirl Maya smiles enigmatically as the mansion burns down.

Despite all the cliches, Imma Youjo V rolls right along and is a good watch. Its predictable plot and threadbare characterization mean it isn't gonna show anything new, but at least it has a story to tell, and tells it, and you have to feel for the whacked-out son.