Living Sex Toy Delivery Service

At last, an anime heroine who actually deserves it gets up the rear.

Copyright 2005 by Pat Powers

A group of women hold a party, and the sole male guest at the party is drugged, rendering him paralyzed except that his cock at full attention, unable to "relax" again. They have sex with him repeatedly, "milking" him of his sperm, which they collect. Then they leave him, still paralyzed in a cardboard box, which they place on the railroad tracks. But he manages to regain control of his muscles just before an oncoming train crushes him. That's just the opener for Living Sex Toy Delivery Service (LSTDS). Unfortunately, it's almost all the plot there is.

The rest of the story deals with the guy, who feels more than a little miffed at the whole rape and attempted murder experience, disguising himself as a deliveryman and kidnapping women who were guests at the party to get revenge on them. The revenge always involves explicit sexual bondage and rape.

LSTDS is unusual for hentai in that the victims are actually guilty of something in this instance (most of the time, the females who get assaulted by bad guys and (sometimes) good guys in hentai are totally innocent). LSTDS also makes extensive use of the Japanese blackmail cliche, wherein women are photographed masturbating in private, then those photos are used to get the women to do whatever they are told, and they are told to do some pretty wild things.

The thing that makes LSTDS watchable despite its revenge-and-rape-heavy plot is the fact that Our Hero doesn't kill ANY of the women after he's through fucking with them. He just gags them, ties them up (still naked) jams an appropriate sex toy up the old wazoo and leaves her in a box in front of her apartment building or workplace. Then the next morning a curious crowd surrounds the box, opens it up, and finds the victim lying there naked and writhing in a puddle of her own sex juices. Kind of extreme, but it beats murder.

Vibro-bondage is one of the features of this anime. Lots of writhing, some fairly imaginative imagery.

I don't get it. How is it worse to be filmed diddling yourself in private than to show up naked in public, bound and gagged and with a dildo jammed up your wazoo? I'm guessing this is more a product of Japanese male sex fantasies than any real element of Japanese culture.

Although LSTDS has a fairly intricate overall plot structure, each episode is a lot like the previous one -- our hero delivers some kind of sex product -- a vibrator, a strap-on, whatever -- to his intended victim. The victim always unthinkingly accepts it, never pausing to wonder who might be sending them sex toys, and why. They don't even WASH the damn things before using them. Which they do -- each victim masturbates with the sex toy while Our Hero's girlfriend secretly videotapes her masturbating. Then Our Hero returns to the victim's home, explaining that the sex toy was delivered in error, asking her to return it.

When the victim refuses, Our Hero accuses her of using it, then shows her the pics of her masturbating. He threatens to post the pics around the neighborhood, then reveals who he is and orders her to crawl into the woman-sized empty box he has brought with him, lest he reveal her as a masturbator. Which each victim obligingly does.

Now, does that make any sense at ALL??? Crawling into a box and allowing yourself to be carted around by some guy whom you were earlier a party to the attempted rape and murder of? Who has been secretly photographing you while you masturbate and obviously still has REALLY REALLY intense feelings of anger toward you?

No, doesn't make a lick of sense, not by an reasonable standard of human behavior. The CORRECT response is to slam the door shut on him and call the cops. But this never even comes CLOSE to happening. Instead, Our Hero hauls the gal to his warehouse/lair, where he ties her up and rapes her a lot, sometimes torturing her a little as well.

In the first episode, the kidnapee falls victim to that old anime cliche, she falls in love with her rapist kidnapper and helps him blackmail, kidnap and rape the other victims. Ah, sniff, true love, ain't it touching?

But in each successive episode the only plot action is that the victim provides a new clue as to who was behind his kidnapping and why his sperm was "harvested." But that's about it. The only reason to recommend the middle episodes of LSTDS is the tasty sexual bondage imagery. In the final episode all is revealed, but it's not exactly an exciting thing.

That's why I don't rate LSTDS that highly except for the bondage imagery. Still, it has some other points to recommend it. For example, the plotline is morally straight -- the women who are kidnapped have in fact done something evil, and are due for some comeuppance. Too many hentai are apparently written by people who wouldn't know right from wrong if you tattooed it on their foreheads. And as mentioned, Our Hero doesn't kill the Living Sex Toys even though they share collective guilt for having tried to kill him once.

Also, the quality of the animation is good -- strong color, good modelling of the figures, some arresting images.

Strong sexual bondage imagery, strong animation (for a hentai) and good solid characterization combine to make this one above average, but frankly, if you've seen one, you've seen them all as far as plot development goes. So pays your money, and takes your chances.