Magic Woman M

Magic Woman M enjoys the magic of river demon rape while bound. She's not really all that handy with a spell, and as a consequence, this sort of thing happens to her a lot.

Copyright 2005 by Pat Powers.

Magic Woman M comprises one of my favorite genres of hentai, erotic fantasy adventures, which combines the genres of D & D games, fantasy quest computer games and fantasy adventures stories with strong sexual content.

Some of my favorite hentai -- Dragon Pink, Fencer of Minerva and Dragon Knight, for example -- come from this subgenre.

In Magic Woman M, we see M setting out on her initial quest having just graduated from sorceress school. She soon encounters a naked damsel tied to a tree, but does such a clumsy job of rescuing her that she gets chewed out by the damsel, who's evidently quite the judgmental type, while she's still naked and tied to the tree.

A naked damsel, tied to a tree. Why did they leave her boots and socks on, I wonder?

M quite reasonably refuses to untie the damsel until she gets off her high horse and does some begging, which she does very quickly.

The freed damsel reveals that her sister has tied her to the tree naked so she wouldn't follow her sister who's going to fight an ogre that has been killing the men and kidnapping the women of her village. So off M and the damsel go to find Sis.

Meanwhile, we see Sis, who is wearing armor and has a nifty sword, and she's fighting it out with the demon, who's been wiping out the men of the village rather easily, since he's about three times their size.

But Sis ... well Sis is a gorgeous redhead with huge knockers, nice legs and a great ass, so when she fights the ogre he disarms her and knocks her out in about two seconds.

When she comes to, Sis is being given the traditional Japanese punishment for female fighters who have poor combat skills -- he's fucking the hell out of her with his two-foot long, four inch wide ogre dick (and yes his dick does look kinda long and skinny in proportion to the rest of his body -- good thing, too, since he can barely cram it into Sis's human-sized pussy as it is).

Something tells me she'll be walking funny tomorrow, if she's walking at all.

Some time later, Magic Woman M makes her way into the village and encounters the ogre. She tries to cast spells on him, but being a neophyte sorceress the spells have little or no effect on the ogre, despite the fact that the ogre is terrified of the displays of brightly colored lights they produce.

This is the treatment that elicited the smile seen below. Apparently, M is a very flexible woman..

After cowering in terror at the pretty colored lights two or three times, the ogre figures out that M is not all THAT magical a woman, and in short order M is naked and impaled on the ogre's enormous (by human standards cock. He really fucks the living hell out of M, but the interesting thing is that despite the fact that she's probably new to having her pussy worked like an old mule, M shows every sign of enjoying the ogre sex.

Magic Woman M gives a big thumbs up to ogre rape.

In the next scene, we find M being nursed back to consciousness by Sis. They're both in a pit inside the ogre's cave, with about three other former ogre rape partners. This would be a great scene for a brave escape attempt, but it doesn't happen -- apparently, the only purpose of the scene is to establish that the ogre has not killed and/or eaten his female captives, keeping them in the pit until their next mystery rape with Mr. Ogre. Pits preserve freshness, y'know.

Next scene, the Ogre has taken the still-naked M out of the pit and is strolling through the woods with her for some ogreish reason. M manages to wiggle loose and make a run for it, but the ogre easily captures her.

Her punishment for attempted escape, is of course ogre rape (I think it's pretty much standard no matter what she does, or even if she does nothing).

Meanwhile, the damsel has been searching for M and Sis, and she catches up to M just as she's being captured and raped by the ogre.

The ogre suspends M in the air in a sort of hanging wrist-ankle tie and fucks her spread-eagled legs senseless. The damsel, watching this, gets all horny and starts masturbating. But she feels guilty about it, so after a time, she runs out and stabs the ogre in the back with a sword while he's distracted by M's pussy.

This pisses the ogre off big time. He pulls the sword out of his back, tosses M to the ground (he's already orgasmed, anyway) and starts beating the shit out of the damsel.

M lies there at first, stunned, with ogre cum all over her, but finally realizes the damsel is about to get her ass killed (not fucked) by the ogre, and she instinctively summons a spell to kill the ogre.

This spell works, chicken-frying the ogre repeatedly. The damsel, although fairly beaten up, survives. Ogre dead, the gals in the pit are rescued, the survivors in the village have a big party because the ogre isn't killing and raping them any more. Magic Woman M bids farewell to the damsel and heads off for her next adventure, hoping perhaps this time one of her spells will work before everyone gets the living shit raped out of them.

Hey, wait a minute, this is a hentai. That ain't gonna happen.

Magic Woman M Part 2

A party of adventurers of the classic sort -- a dwarf, a giant horsy-thing, and two hot babes, is assaulted by a bunch of yellow thingies in the woods. The dwarf and the horsey-thing are simply overpowered, but the two hot babes are treated to a lengthy bout of tentacle rape.

The yellow thingies also impregnate the younger of the two hotties with some egg-like things they scoop out of their bodies and shove inside their pussies with the tentacles. So, maybe we're dealing with interspecies lesbian tentacle rape.

The thing in the foreground is a tentacle smeared with eggs, that are about to be inserted into the pussy of the woman behind it. Yes, this is interspecies lesbian tentacle rape. And it's NOT the weirdest scene in this anime..

Nice touch. This is actually how some species of squid mate (except that non-squids are not involved). Somebody knows their tentacle lore.

Magic Woman M then comes on the scene (after all the raping, naturally) and chases the yellow thingies up. She hooks up with the adventurers and they continue on their not-so-merry way.

Not-so-merry because M and Young Adventurer Babe are grabbed by a trio of river monsters and dragged to a cave through a secret underwater entrance that the other adventurers can't reach.

Magic Woman M loses her staff on the way down, and we know what that does to her spell-casting abilities. Older Adventures Babe grabs it as it floats upward before she has to make her way back to the surface for lack of air.

Well, without the staff, M might better be called Tragic Woman M rather than Magic Woman M. When the three river monsters grow big, red, bulbous dicks and start advancing on M and YAB with dishonorable intentions written in every line of their fishy bodies, M throws a binding spell on them.

Which promptly bounces back, immobilizing M and YAB in a big web of big, sticky, strands of stuff.

Young Adventure Babe stretches out and really gets into the river demon rape. And the river demons have the hip action to make her enjoy it.

When next we see M and YAB they are both stark naked. M's wrists are secured together behind her back, YAB's are secured together in front of her. In the dank confines of the cave, neither is in any position to defend themselves from all the raping they are about to be subjected to.

And boy, are they subjected to it. Doggie style, missionary position, two on one, blowjobs, blowjobs, blowjobs, the river monsters really have a good time with their captive cuties. And both of the captives seem to enjoy it.

What's more, like their yellow thingie predecessors, they impregnate their captives, with yellow blobby things, leading to the weirdest fucking scene I've ever seen in a hentai -- and THAT'S saying something.

As we leave out bound cuties during their first night of damsel in distressdom with the river demons, they are kneelng in front of the river demons and sucking their genitals. We'd always like to remember them that way ... but there's more to the hentai.

But more about that later. When we leave our two cuties, both are kneeling in front of river monsters, hands bound behind and in front of them, sucking them off. The next day the cuties wake up naked, bruised and covered with river monster sperm. Happens to most party girls fairly often, I hear. Then the river monsters approach the cuties. Is more rape in the offing? No, the red monster goes through some hideous transformations, and then turns into a really huge monster, eating the two remaining monsters and turning its attention to the two captive cuties.

A really powerful image of the two naked damsels surrounded by the remains of the mega-monster that almost ate them.

M casts a spell, and somehow it bounces out of the cave, hooks up with the staff still being held by Older Adventure Babe, and bounces back into the cave, smiting the super giant monster to smithereens.

NOW comes the weird scene. The two cuties have made their way away from the bloody remnants of the giant monster, but not very far. They're both lying on the cave floor, looking kinda dopey and ill. Their genitals are very moist. Then we get to see two slithery yellow things ooze out of the pussies and onto the cave floor, where they expire.


The precursor to the spontaneous abortion scene. Who the hell thought THIS would be sexy?

And who the FUCK thought it WOULD be hot? Or even good in some way? I mean, yech!

I guess it's not THAT farfetched in a genre in which enemas regularly make an appearance as a sexy thing, but, really. Jeebus.

After this, M and YAB make their way back to the surface world, where they're reunited with their companions, and they all go to a monastery and are very happy there. The End.

But NOT the end of my review, of course. What makes Magic Woman M a worthwhile hentai is this: the women who are raped seem to enjoy it, which means the average female viewer (as well as male viewer) will enjoy it more).

I know that this runs directly counter to feminist thought on the subject, which says that women should never be portrayed as enjoying rape because that would teach men that rape is OK because women enjoy it.

This whole notion that normal adults watch videos which are clearly labeled as sexual fantasies, then promptly forget everything they've ever learned about interacting with members of the opposite sex based on their entire lives in the real world because they saw outrageously overendowed actors and actresses do something in a film whose major activity consists of people sticking body parts into and out of one another's orifices ... and ... well ... GET A GRIP! Can't you SEE how STUPID this idea is?

Actually, the thing that distinguishes the rape fantasies of normal people, both male and female, is that eventually both parities start enjoying the sex, even if it starts out all "no! no! A Thousand times no!"

Back in the seventies, before the Big PC Silence descended on rape and bondage imagery in mainstream porn, they knew how to do a rape scene. There was a bit of acting aggressive followed by a brief pro forma protest before everybody got all happy and enjoyed the sex. Most rape scenes were pretty much indistinguishable from consensual sex scenes about 30 seconds into the action. A female protagonist who is constantly crying "No!" and acting unhappy, is a drag.

Now, M clearly gets off big time during her rape scenes, and so do the other wenches in this hentai. This makes them easier to watch for both sexes.

In fact, Mrs. Evil Captor enjoyed the ogre rape scenes in this hentai -- the sexual dimorphism, the fact that everybody involved was getting off -- it was all good. And the river demons had some good hip action going during their rape scenes.

Plus, the adventure story keeps things going. M and the other women in the movie are not total doormats, they resist their attackers, at least, in the beginning. At the very least, they TRY to resist their attackers, which puts them one up on a lot of hentai heroines.

What I am saying is, despite all the rape, this is not a bad couples tape. Except for that weird-ass spontaneous abortion scene at the end. Defenitely fast forward past that one.

The level of character development isn't all that deep -- about what you'd expect from an adventure-style comic book or movie. The big plus is that none of the characters are offensively weak, stupid or obnoxious. For adult anime, that's saying something.

The quality of the plotting is fairly pedestrian -- nothing special, but once again, not offensively stupid or juvenile -- which counts for something.

The quality of the animation is on par for anime. The character design is generally very well done -- it's easy to tell one character from another, and one monster from another, and they all have interesting, well drawn and complex figures and faces. There's a little too much reliance placed on pregnant pauses (ooh, bad phrase, considering this hentai's major flaw) in the animation. The sex scenes and action scenes especially suffer from this, as we are expecting lots of motion during such scenes. But it's not as galling as in some anime, such as the "Yellow Star" operation of Cool Devices, where you almost feel you are watching successive frames of a comic book. The pauses here interrupt the action, they don't slow it to a crawl or pretty much stop it entirely.

The sex scenes are extremely explicit and very well paced. There's really not as much bondage as there should be -- though it is nice that M's hands remain tied behind her back throughout the river demon sex scenes. YAB's hands are tied in front throughout, and that's very nice, especially in one scene where she stretches her bound hands out before her and arches her back ecstatically in some doggie style sex. (In some scenes, YAB's bonds vanish and the magically reappear. I'd like to think it's because it's consensual bondage, but it's obviously continuity errors).

There are also the tentacle rape scenes, which of course involve tentacle bondage, but I've never enjoyed that as much as more traditional bondage, and I suspect others feel the same way.

If your only sexual interest in hentai is the bondage scenes, you may want to give this one a pass, but if you like the related themes of dominance, submission, rape fantasies and sexual dimorphism, you'll find plenty to like here.

"And he didn't even ask for my phone number, the big lug!".