Maison Plaisir

I'm not gonna lie to you. There is a LOT of sex and bondage in this hentai.
The rest of this review is just details, really. But interesting details.

Copyright 2006 by Pat Powers

Swallowtail Inn isn't the only story about a handsome young guy who shows up at an inn run by a beautiful, lonely, submissive widow and has an affair with her. There's also Maison Plaisir, which makes a pretty good counterpoint to Swallowtail.

Maison Plaisir is a two-part hentai that presents the story of Seiichi, a handsome young student. The first part deals with a romance between him and an innkeeper, the second deals with how he helps his stepsister and stepmother resolve their conflicts.

Part 1

Seiichi has failed his entrance exams for university. This is a huge deal in Japan, having a great deal to do with how far you'll go in life, much more so than in America. So his parents put him up at an Kazenaha Inn for the summer where he can study and get up to a passing grade. (At least, that's the cover story -- there's more to it than that.) But fate has other plans for Seiichi, in the form of Miyuki, a beautiful young widow who runs the inn. Also, there are two or three other gorgeous women about Seiichi's age at the inn, and they all have one thing in mind -- hook studly young Seiichi up with Miyuki so she won't be moping around all the time.

Plus, THEY wouldn't mind getting a piece of Seiichi if he's got any sexual energy to spare (hint: this is a hentai, sexual energy will not be in short supply).

Also hanging around the Inn is Mister Hiro a huge, burly, bodybuilder who clearly has the hots for Miyuki. You can tell because Hiro's so shy and inhibited around the ladies -- especially the ones he likes -- that he's transformed into a stammering, blushing idiot in their presence (not that Hiro's any mental giant in their absence but he can at least talk intelligibly). So Hiro flexes his muscles a lot and is very protective, hoping I guess that the ladies will be overwhelmed by his massive pecs and such.

Living near the inn is Master Soune, a huge, muscular, elderly, priestly type with a Fu Manchu whose main gig is being a bondage master. Soune lives in something that looks like a Buddhist temple except it contains (literally) dummies in bondage. Soune wears priest-like robes and has that "I know the secrets of the universe" deal going that anime priests typically have.

When department store dummies go bad ...

(This is actually the most imaginative element of the hentai, though nothing much is done with it -- what if there were bondage masters in Japan who had elevated bondage to something like a religion, as some martial arts folk have done? Maybe there could be competing schools of bondage. Yep, this is clearly an idea someone should steal. Like, I dunno ... ME!)

Miyuki misses her husband terribly, but she's also missing out on the sexual action because she needs a dominant man to tie her up and fuck her senseless, and there haven't been any around. And apparently, Miyuki is a competent innkeeper, unlike the ditz in Swallowtail Inn, so there hasn't been any prostitution sex to let her blow off steam, so to speak. Just masturbating while self-bound, as Seiichi discovers one night.

(I know what you're thinking -- what about Master Soune? Because that's exactly what I was thinking. Lonely, submissive widowed innkeeper lives right next to a bondage master who doesn't appear to have any ladies hanging around to suck his dick while tied up in exciting ways -- what could be more natural, right? Wrong. Why? I dunno.)

Instead of taking Miyuki into hand, Soune informs Seiichi that it is HIS job to become Miyuki's bondage master and make her all happy by completing the training started by previous husband Heizo, so everyone at the inn will be happy. (This is a pretty common theme in hentai -- apparently, Japan is full of inns, mansions, houses and hovels inhabited by beautiful submissives just waiting for their bondage master to come along and make their day. I leave it as an exercise for the alert reader to figure out whether or not this reflects the reality of contemporary Japan, or the fevered imaginations of hentai writers.)

Apparently, one of these is hopefully waiting for the right bondage master in most any residence in Japan, according to hentai writers. And they don't even MENTION this fact in the travel brocures!

Seiichi of course agrees to this task, with surprisingly little in the way of argument. Usually young males in hentai who are called to come to the aid of a horny hottie exhibit Reluctant Hero syndrome big time, but Seiichi's up for the game, for reasons that will become evident later.

So Seiichi tells Miyuki that he is going to train her as a bondage slave. Miyuki says "No," of course -- they always say "no" in hentai, for awhile at least. Seiichi starts stripping Miyuki's clothes off and feeling her up, while she cries "No, no, no." This looks more like acquaintance rape than seduction to me, but in hentai the line between the two is apparently very finely drawn. Practically invisible, if you know what I mean. Seiichi simply informs Miyuki that he knows she is a submissive and that she wants him to tie her up and have sex with her. And when Seiichi reaches into a drawer and pulls out a length of rope and shows it to her, Miyuki slumps to the floor, defeated, overcome with lust.

(Surprisingly, this bit worked for me. I know of at least one long-time female bondage fan who has said she starts to get hot as soon as she the ropes come out, because she knows what's coming.)

Still, announcing that you're going to train a woman, pawing her, and stripping off her clothes doesn't REALLY constitute seduction. What IS it with hentai writers? Do they know NOTHING about women or how real life kinksters behave? I can only imagine that would-be hentai writers are asked if they've ever had any contact with a woman other than their mother or sister(s) and if the answer is "yes" they are immediately disqualified. Or more likely, Japanese hentai writers are cultured in test tubes, raised in Skinner boxes and shown hard core porn from infancy, then released to write just the sort of stories you'd expect them to write.

Well, after the initial "seduction" Seiichi and Miyuki are an item. He ties her up and has sex with her a LOT and in a lot of different ways. Miyuki puts up with it in that submissive, passive way hentai heroines have. Not that she doesn't come back for more, oh no, she's all about being trussed up and fucked.

The way Heizo used to do it. Good man, Heizo.

But don't think Miyuki is just some rope-happy sub who doesn't care who's got her bound and gagged. She has her tender side, as she demonstrates in one scene where Seiichi has her ankles tied wide apart to a broom handle, with her wrists also secured to the broom handle, also wide apart, standing in the spread-legged bent-over position forced by her bondage, while Seiichi takes her from behind. She begs and pleads for Seiichi not to take her that way because, "that is how Heizo used to do it."

Seiichi takes her that way anyway, as a proper hentai hero should, but he's gotta be hurt when Miyuki somewhat callously informs him that he's not nearly as good at bondage sex as Heizo was. Despite her enjoyment of being tied up and fucked a lot, she still misses Heizo.

Seiichi is more than a little put off by this admission, and he goes to Soune the bondage master for advice. The bondage master sends him to the Room of Dummies for some intensive bondage training and practice.

After that, He takes Miyuki outdoors for some public bondage sex. He suspends Miyuki from a tree in the show for some cold, swinging bondage sex. He does all sorts of things to impress Miyuki, though he does not attempt to shoot the President, which puts him one up on John Hinckley.

Slavegirls swing, wind is whistling
On their lips, drool is glistening
We're kinky tonight, ropes are so tight
Bondage in a winter wonderland!

Eventually, this treatment totally win's Miyuki's bondage-loving heart (he had her pussy from the moment he pulled the ropes out) and Miyuki is able to put Heizo's memory behind her. This is symbolized in a touching ceremony wherein she has Seiichi truss her up good, then she pees on a framed photo of Heizo. (In America, this is the sort of behavior you might expect from a bitter divorcee, but not from a widow.)

Heizo's memory properly peed to rest, Miyuki is now free to marry her new master Seiichi, which she does, culminating in a lovely wedding ceremony in Master Soune's temple where she's publicly displayed nude and in bondage and dripping with love juices. ('Scuse me, just thinking about it makes me all verklempt.)

Thus ends part 1.

Part 2

Part 2 begins with the arrival of Kiriko, Seiichi's stepsister. Now we learn the reason why Seiichi is REALLY at the inn -- seems he was training his stepmother Rin to be a bondage slave, and his father caught them at it and tossed Seiichi out of the house. (And it says a LOT about hentai that I found myself glad that SOMEBODY in a hentai understood that it's WRONG to fuck your mother, even if she's your stepmother, even if the person who understands it is your stepfather.)

"This is the way I'll always remember you, Mom ....

It seems that Kiriko spied on Seiichi training her mom, and the images have been emblazoned in her mind, and now she wants Seiichi to train HER to be a sex slave. I mean, who better than your stepbrother, right? (Well, almost anybody, to tell the truth.)

Seiichi, being a stepbrother, decides to help Kiriko out, and Miyuki, being a hentai newlywed wife, is completely OK with that. All this seems kinda improbable, if you think about it. So don't, because it gets worse.

Seiichi takes Kiriko in and teaches her the ropes. He fucks his sister. He gives her enemas. He ties her up and fucks her in a LOT of different ways. Kiriko thrives under all the attention. She really loves being her stepbrother's love slave. And Miyuki is the perfect wife, helping organize the ropes and stuff before and after playtime.

Seiichi ties up his little stepsister and fucks her, at her request. He's nice that way.

Then a worried Rin calls Seiichi because Kiriko has run away. Seiichi explains that Kiriko is staying with him, and that he's just training her to be a bondage slave by tying her up and fucking her a lot. For some reason, this fails to allay Rin's concerns, and in short order SHE's at the Inn, with orders for Kiriko to come home immediately.

Kiriko isn't at all disposed to come home, and she doesn't help matters at all when she shouts at mom, "I'm a MUCH better bondage slave than you are!"

OK, where do ya think this is gonna lead? If you know your hentai, you're probably thinking "bound mother-daughter blowjob contest with stepson as the lucky blowjobee," and if so, you're absolutely right! In fact, there's some serious mother-daughter sex slave competition, so much so that Seiichi finally goes to Master Soune for advice on how to get stepmom and stepsis off his cock so he can get back to tying up and fucking Miyuki, as any hentai husband should.

Yes, it's a mother-daughter bound blowjob contest with son/brother as the lucky blowjobee. Only in a hentai, ladies and gentlemen ... only in a hentai ...

The result is a scene in the temple where Rin and Kiriko are first challenged to disrobe and then challenged to have sex with each other via a double-headed dildo. At first, Rin and Kiriko want nothing to do with it. Yes, their rivalry is so intense that they refuse to have lesbian sex for their stepson/stepbrother. They must REALLY dislike one another. But eventually, in a matter of seconds, they are persuaded to have lesbian sex by Miyuki, who does so by having lesbian sex with each of them and then sort of hooking them up with each other on the double dildo once she has both of their engines running.

After fucking each other for awhile, Rin and Kiriko discover that they really do like each other, and when Seiichi expresses his approval of their union while peeing on them while they fuck, their faces break out in delighted smiles. Rin and Kiriko's rivalry for Seiichi is presumably over, and everyone is happy except poor old pickle girl. The end.


Rest assured, gentle readers, I have not lost all reason. I am well aware that Part 2 makes no sense and is in fact brain-damaged id drivel. But what I have written is an accurate description of the story. Whatever vestiges of plot and characterization existed in Part 1 of Maison Plaisir pretty much disappeared in Part 2.

In Part 2, the characters act however they need to act to make the next porno scene appealing to those who like that sort of thing, and that's all they do. And the plot only exists to set up the next sex scene. And while I'm sure those who like incest and scat themes are gonna love Part 2, it would be nice if there were SOMETHING more to it than just porn.

I think the whole hentai would have been much better if it had been done differently, and I'm going to say exactly how, because otherwise there's not much point to reviewing part 2 other than to make clear just how disgusting it is.

We learn early in Part 2 that Master Soune, in addition to being the inventor of the double-headed dildo, was Rin's first bondage master. (Whoa, how many bondage masters has this chick had? She's starting to sound like really used goods. Ah, well, if you're letting your stepson tie you up and make you chew on his knob, "picky" probably isn't the right word to describe your sexual tastes.)

This bit of information about Master Soune is critical, because with it, instead of Seiichi and Miyuki's hooking up being a coincidence, it becomes a very likely planned occurrence. All it takes is a phone call from Rin to Master Soune that goes something like this:

Rin: Oh, Master Soune, I'm so distraught, I've lost my bondage master!

Master Soune: Your husband is leaving you? That's terrible.

Rin: No, not my husband, my son Seiichi. He was my bondage master. My husband found out about us and threw Seiichi out of the house. Then he punished me a lot, and that's been OK, but still, I miss being bound and gagged while I'm fucked.

Soune: That's terrible. Kinda predictable, but terrible. So what can I do for you?

Rin: Well, not me so much. I'm worried about Seiichi. He doesn't have a place to stay and all. I was wondering if you could take him in at that temple of yours. He's young I know, but he's really got the stuff. He really tied me up in some amazingly creative and sexy positions, which isn't always easy to do with your mother, you know.

Soune: I can imagine. What's Seiichi like?

Rin: Oh, other than being a natural-born bondage master, he's just your average clueless young cheesehead. Very handsome, though. Should make some young submissive rope fiend very happy.

Soune (thinking): "So, I've got those yo-yos over at the Kazenaha Inn bugging me to find the manager a bondage master so she'll get all perky again, and I've got Total Slut Rin here wanting me to find a place for her young bondage master boy to stay. Hmm, two birds, one stone, and I have plenty of time for my stamp collecting and Extreme Napping."

Soune: Tell you what, Rin, I can't keep him at the temple, wouldn't get enough work done, but I've got just the place for him -- the Kazenaha Inn.

OK, see how simple that was? Now instead of the whole thing being a stupid coincidence, we have a unified plot that puts the whole story together. Plus, it shows Rin being a little bit more ... motherly. Furthermore, this leads to all sorts of alternative storylines for the hentai.

Instead of all the scat and incest, how about some more romance and bondage? Hmm?

Like, suppose Seiichi is feeling all alienated and angry about being thrown out of the house. Then he gradually discovers that he's not as isolated as he thought -- that the people who care about him are trying to help him get past that whole mother-fucking thing as well as possible. It would take the hentai in a whole new and much better direction. (True, almost any direction would be an improvement over what we actually got.)

Also, focusing on some of the secondary characters would have added depth to the story and set up some excellent bondage scene. For example, residing right next to Seiichi is Kasumi, a female student who is trying to study for her exams, but she finds Seiichi's presence distracting in Part 1. After they're married, she finds Seiichi's constant loud fucking of tied-up Miyuki VERY distracting. In fact, she does a LOT of masturbating because of it, using a pickle that she thoughtfully places in a condom before inserting it in herself. She's SO disturbed by all the sex she's not having that at dinner with Seiichi and Miyuki, she brandishes her pickle-lover about and complains about how sore her ass is getting from its constant use.

Kasumi waves her condom-clad Pickle of Love at the dinner table while complaining to Seiichi and Miyuki about all the sex she isn't having.

Now, we already know we have another straight and highly frustrated person on the grounds of Kazenaha Inn, none other than Master Hiro, the bodybuilder who's smitten with Miyuki. The easy, natural and proper way to develop this scene would be for Seiichi and Miyuki to hatch a plot to get Hiro and Kasumi together. Maybe suggest to both of them that they study bondage under Master Suone -- Hiro studying Bondager 101, Kasumi studying Bondagee 101. Since they would be Soune's only students, naturally Hiro would wind up tying up Kasumi. There'd be much trepidation on Kasumi's part about being manhandled by the gigantic Hiro. But they soldier on.

Next thing you know, they're doing their homework together and it's off to the bondage races for them. This would add a nice new theme to replace the incest and scat themes, because of course Master Hiro is a huge man and Kasumi has a very slight build -- she's much smaller than Miyuki -- so there would be a very good sexual dimorphism scene or two, with Hiro struggling to get his giant cock into Kasumi's tight little pussy, much to everyone's satisfaction.

There's also clearly a mysterious relationship between Nagi and Master Soune. It is Nagi who tells Seiichi about Master Suone. So why not have Nagi paired up with Suone in a sort of Holy Bondage Couple way? This would lead the way for some very, ahem, ADVANCED bondage techniques, the sort of stuff you don't normally see outside Bugs Bunny-Roadrunner cartoon.

Well, as you can probably tell, I liked Part I of Maison Plaisir a lot more than I liked Part 2, and I imagine most American viewers would have the same reaction. And truth to tell, even with a story line gone to mush and characters no deeper than the paper they're drawn on, there are still some remarkably good sex and bondage scenes in Part 2.

Yes, Maison Plaisir is a better than average hentai in most respects, but it is still inferior to Swallowtail Inn in every respect. The animation is good, but not quite as good as Swallowtail Inn's. The storyline and characterization in Part 1 are fairly good for a hentai, though not as good as Swallowtail Inn's. But Part 2 is a total sleazefest, the storyline reduced to filler for disgusting scat and incest scenes, the characterization pretty much missing. The characters never change never seems to do anything with any real interest or feeling, and generally had all the depth of a piece of paper.

So watch Maison Plaisir for the whole package -- the story, the characters, all the nice sexual bondage scenes. And you know, while you don't absolutely NEED good storylines and characterization in a hentai -- especially if you can produce topnotch sex scenes like the creators of Princess 69 -- plotting and characterization don't do any actual HARM and they may well do some real good. Reviewers may praise your work. Very good for the ego and the bank account. Ask the folks who made Swallowtail Inn.

We end just as we began, with Miyuki getting her brains fucked out.