Mei King

What the bandit queen did to Mei King's kingdom is now done to her.

Copyright 2005 by Pat Powers

A young king must guide his kingdom through some harrowing times, as a bandit queen and an aggressive neighboring king threaten his kingdom -- and by threaten of course we mean "invade."

Meanwhile, his court is full of beautiful women who want sex and love. He does his damnedest for the beautiful women and his kingdom. Well, actually, he does a lot better by the beautiful women than by his kingdom, which gets pretty thoroughly ravaged by the bandit queen and the aggressive neighbor while he's fucking just about his entire court.

All ends happily though. The invaders get their comeuppance and the surviving villagers are very happy to return to their burned-out hovels.

There's a ton of explicit sex, most of it consensual and vanilla, with one strong nonconsensual bondage scene with explicit sex involving the captive bandit queen, who has a great rack. The animation is about on par with other hentai, which is to say, not as good as the better anime but far better than U.S. toons. There's a very involved plot, though it gets sloppy at times. But the characterization is unusually strong -- the young king feels weighted down by his responsibilities and is a sensitive sort of guy who really cares about ALL the women he's fucking.

Especially touching is the development of a half-elf, half-human woman who starts out depressed, and with good reason, but feels better after she connects with the king on an emotional (and of course physical) level.

There's also a slave auction scene which is done in true John Norman style, featuring naked woman being sold before an audience of slavering guys, and maybe a couple of slavering women. It's so weird that hentai are the only medium that ever get this stuff right.

Mei King is a good solid hentai that doesn't break any new ground in terms of character or plot, but carries on the tradition of strong storytelling, strong visuals and strong sex scenes very nicely.