Nine O'Clock Woman

The Nine O'Clock Woman with her face all in lights. Great gig! But she has this little problem ...

Copyright 2005 by Pat Powers

A young girl gets a great gig as a national news reporter for a TV network. She can hardly believe her luck, as all she has to do is be young and personable, read the news, and smile a lot. Well, you gotta give 'em points for realism here.

Unfortunately, our reporter girl has a problemÐ she's a compulsive masturbator, sneaking off to bathrooms and janitor's closets to stir up her honeypot. One of her co-workers catches her at it, and with the amorality that's typical of male hentai characters, he secretly videotapes her diddling herself and uses it to blackmail her into doing whatever he wants.

There's plenty of vanilla sex and some bondage, but I think the whole point of the cartoon was the section where he forced her to wear a chastity belt with a built-in vibrator activated by remote controlÐ while on the air. I think the fantasy was, "wouldn't it be great to have one those vibrator/chastity belts locked on your favorite newsbabe, and a button on your remote control so you could crank up the vibrator whenever you liked and watch her sweat?" and also of course, "Wouldn't it be sexy to BE the nine-o'clock woman and have someone remotely controlling a vibrator doohickey and have to fight off orgasms while reading the news before millions of people?"

This is what the Nine O'Clock Woman was wearing under her dress while on the air. We've all heard the rumors about newscasters not wearing pants or skirts while reading the news, but this takes things to new levels.

Frankly, it works for me. A great little fun hentai. The animation isn't all that great, at par or a little below it for hentai, but it's more than good enough -- the stories and characters would make up for much worse animation.