Dragon Pink

They don't call her "Pink" for nothing.

Chains and naughty body parts, always fun in a hentai, especially in a hentai that shows the occasional flash of intelligence.

Copyright 2005 by Pat Powers

Dragon Pink is a parody of RPGs in which a group of the usual adventurers -- a warrior named Santa, a strongman named Bobo, a witch named Pias and a cat slave named Pink -- travels about slaying monsters and looking for treasure while having adventures that vary from the mildly comic to the mildly harrowing.

I found the series to be great fun as it has a pleasant, lighthearted spirit, unlike a lot of hentai. It's one of the best hentai out there for that reason alone. The romantic feeling Pink has for Santa (which Santa returns, though in a loutish way) gives the series a definite Gorean feel. The stock monsters, witches and demons they must overcome are balanced by some decidedly non-stock situations and bondage imagery.

Pink winds up giving up the pink to, well, just about everyone. But Santa's the one who really puts the goodies in her stockings, so to speak.

Frex, the heroine, a cat slave named Pink, was supposedly transformed into a cat slave as a result of wearing the Cursed Panties of Torinaga. What are the Cursed Panties of Torinaga and why did Pink put them on? We don't know, there's no mention of them after establishing the fact that they are why Pink's a cat slave. But what's not to like about the very concept of Cursed Panties?

Fairy rape -- Tinkerbelle never had to put up with THIS -- that we know of. That's a mushroom and the blurry bits at the end of it are pixilations so we'll have no idea what's going on in there -- which is strange, considering that in other scenes, we know EXACTLY what's going on where.

More to the point, at one point the adventurers have to harvest some fairy juice to further their cause. The fairy they capture is a tiny naked woman with wings and antennae -- if you're thinking of the Bondage Fairies comic, you're not far off the mark. They tie her little hands behind her back and tie her little feet apart using a twig, then bend her over while Santa rapes her with a small but very phallic mushroom cap. The stuff that spurts out her pussy when she orgasms is the stuff they need. As she flies off, she's buzzing angrily and looking daggers at the huge adventurers who have so badly used her. It's strange to see cross-species rape dealt with in a humorous way, but somehow, the vignette works very nicely in its own terms.

Poor Pink, being the cat slave and all, has to drag everyone along in a heavy wagon. Lucky she has those large breasts to serve as a counterweight to the wagon.

In much the same way, the cat slave Pink is much put-upon during the course of the story, but it's always done in a humorous way. Frex, one episode starts with Pink, who's considerably smaller than Santa and especially the gigantic Bobo, pulling a cart on which Pias, Santa and Bobo sit. When Pias points out that it's unfair that tiny Pink should have to pull the lot of them, Santa asks if Pias and Bobo would like to lighten Pink's load by walking. They both fall silent and continue to ride while Pink struggles on. Shortly thereafter, they get their comeuppance when tiny Pink is unable to control the wagon going down a steep slope and they plunge down and crash.

Pink's travails at the hands of her lover and various monsters add a nice Gorean touch as well. Frex, there's a scene where Santa rescues Pink from a gooey monster as she's tied upside down hanging from a tree branch. But Santa is also the one who put her there, much to her displeasure, as bait for the gooey monster.

Santa strings Pink up naked, tied her up, then hangs her upside down from a tree branch as bait for a gooey monster. It's a Gorean kind of romance they have.

Pink is constantly being captured, tied up and tortured/molested by bad guy and gals, necessitating her rescue. She's in love with her master Santa, who is easily swayed by the charms of others, which makes Pink intensely jealous, often with painful consequences for Santa.

It's this kind of playful inventiveness -- was the fairy rape scene a play on Tinkerbelle as well as the Bondage Fairies perhaps? -- that makes Dragon Pink worthwhile. It's clumsy in its RPG parody at times, but totally worth the effort. The game origin also makes the story very episodic in nature and the characters rather static -- it's the typical band of adventurers wandering over the typical adventure game landscape, presented in story format rather than a game format.

Sometimes the level of invention and intelligence in an anime is revealed in the little things, and there's one very tasty little bit in Dragon Pink that shows how nicely thought out the relationship between Pink and Santa is. Remember the scene where Santa is using Pink as bait for a gooey monster? Well, at the very beginning of the scene, Santa doesn't tell Pink what he's up to. He just grabs Pink, strips off her clothing, and ties her hands behind her back.

What is Pink's response to this treatment? "What are you doing?" "What have I done wrong?" "No, please, stop!"

Hardly. Pink only says, "It's too early."

Think about what that implies. Pink is used to being stripped naked and tied up -- every night -- just a little later in the evening. It's a very subtle and sly way of establishing that relationship.

Note also that Pink does not cry, "No, not in front of the others!" Which clearly implies that she's USED to being bound and fucked in the presence of Bobo and Pias. She may even be accustomed to being fucked BY Bobo and Pias. We don't know. We just know she's not at all bothered by being stripped naked and bound in front of Bobo and Pias, in fact, we know that it happens regularly. Brings a whole new vision to evening in the adventurers' campside nights, doesn't it?

All from a single, seemingly incidental line of dialogue. Now, that's good storytelling.

Three little words that tell one hell of a lot of story.

The sex and sexual bondage in this anime are explicit. Let's just say she isn't called "Pink" for nothing -- we see all her pink bits, though there's a weird dichotomy here -- in some scenes, such as the bondage fairy being molested, the pink bits are pixilated. In others, such as the chains running between Pink's legs in another scene, and a blowjob of Bobo by Pias for magical reasons, there's no pixilation whatever. Go figure.

The animation is better than most hentai, and the episodes move right along, generally combining sex and bondage imagery very smoothly with the plotline. And even though the characters never really develop much, they're a likeable group of characters, which makes for a fun hentai indeed.

Being a cat slave, Pink unconditionally surrenders the pink for her owner, master and lover Santa.