Isaku: Respect
Shusaku: Respect

Shusaku or Isaku does something horrible to a bound woman. Par for the course in all four of these hentai series.

(Four series, three epsisodes each, all of them suck)

Copyright 2005 by Pat Powers

These cartoon series all have pretty much the same theme Ð a disgusting old janitor at a toney girls' school gains control over the girls (in "Shusaku" by secretly videotaping them while going to the bathroom then using those tapes to blackmail them into becoming his sex slaves, in "Isaku" he just kidnaps his victims).

I don't get this whole blackmailing thing at all. In America, when a guy secretly videotapes a gal peeing and then sends that tape around, he tends to wind up in the slammer. We all understand that our women pee. We don't blame them for that, in fact, we would find it odd if they did not. Secretly videotaping them doesn't bring shame to the woman who pees, it brings shame to the guy who's sneaking around taping her doing it. But apparently, things don't work that way in hentai-land.

The movies feature lots of forced sex, sexual bondage, lots of lesbianism, some enemas, peeing, etc. I didn't like this one at all as Shusaku/Isaku never gets his comeuppance, he's kinda like Freddy Kreuger, he just keeps blackmailing and raping along.

Then again, amoral male characters who succeed are not at all unusual in hentai. But when you combine an amoral male lead with not much plot and precious little character development, you've got a formula for hentai stinker. Isaku's evil, the gals start out virginal and innocent, and end up slutty but real guilty about it or not slutty but still real guilty about being raped, and that's about it for character and story development.

I think the creators of these hentai may see Isaku/Shusaku as some sort of mythic scumbag, like Leatherface, Jason or Freddy in their respective horror movie series. But there's just something contradictory about the whole idea of a mythic scumbag. Degenerate rapist sleazebags aren't really mythic, they're just ... there.

All four of these series are mostly fetish porn, and the only thing that makes it better than live action fetish porn is its explicitness. Unless you like the fetish imagery in and of itself, don't bother with any of these hentai. They aren't much of anything else. The animation is slightly better than other hentai, but so what? It's still crap that's being animated.

That said, Isaku/Shusaku not the bottom of the barrel. That special spot is reserve the "Kirei" ep in the Cool Devices series. At least Isaku does nothing more than rape his poor victims. We don't have to see them raped and killed and then get offered the chance to feel better about it because some fucking insects are seen flitting about. Amoral, plotless, shallow kink porn that it is, Isaku/Shusaku at least doesn't offer us a cheap mystical cheat in hopes that we will not see its ugliness. Isaku/Shusaku at least offers its ugliness honestly.