Slave Doll

Slave Doll serves her master. Yes, she's a maid, or 'bend over girl' as they're known in hentai. I'm betting Japan is full of happy rich guys with dirty windows in their houses.

Copyright 2005 by Pat Powers

Slave Doll is a pathetic hentai that deals with the exploits of a beautiful young android maid who serves her owners in every way imaginable, if you get my drift. It would be all right except the animation is bad, the plot is more or less missing and the Slave Doll is such a sad little wimp of a female Pinocchio with lots of faux submissiveness thrown in that the hentai was actually painful to watch.

In the opening we see her going to work dressed in her maid constume. Yes, she's an android sex maid -- cleans the house, vacuums the rug and sucks the master's cock, as seen above, it's all in a day's work for your average hentai maid. As she goes to work, we see her explaining that her duty is to be a sex slave to her master, 24 hours a day, every day, while an android tear courses down her cheek in manufactured sorrow at her plight.

I found this to be so fakey and out of kilter that it was more annoying than anything else, but then, I made my feelings about the Pinocchio syndrome in androids perfectly clear in my review of Imma Youjo 2. But whereas Imma Youjo 2 handles the Pinocchio theme very well, Slave Doll handles it very badly.

Having introduced the Slave Doll, the rest of the story consists of vignettes in which she serves as a sex slave to her master, 24/7. In short, there is no plot to speak of, just sexual vignettes. OK, in the second "episode" on the two episode disk there's something resembling a plot about her being secretly designed by her corporation to harvest and store the sperm of her owners for some reason. But it's just a thin veneer of plot that barely holds together under the weight of all the sex scenes it attempts to knit together.

Most anime make a real attempt to integrate the plot and the sex scenes. Not Slave Doll. In short, boooo-ring.

The animation is sub-par for anime, though not nearly so bad as the animation in "Pure Love." Still, it's bad animation -- badly colored, badly drawn, lots and lots of use of still frames to reduce costs, dull and unimaginative backgrounds, you name it. The sex is also consensual, kind of, but as she's a sex doll it's a moot point. There's lots of consensual sex and one bondage and domination scene. All in all, a very weak hentai.