Slave Market


Who Not To Buy

Hot babes - check! Skimpy clothes - check! Big honkin' chains - check! Looks like we are on the right track for a good, cheesy example of the slave market theme.

Copyright 2005 by Pat Powers

As soon as I saw the title of this one, and noted who produced it, I had to buy it. Slave Market is from the same people who produced the Wordsworth hentai saga, and like Wordsworth it's a story with a strong plot and well-developed characters, as well as lots of raunchy sex and bondage. In short, it's everything a hentai should be.

The story's plot is so well-developed that if the sex scenes were a lot less explicit, and the women's viewpoint better developed (more about that later) it would easily pass as a romance. Oh, and it would probably be a good idea to dump the scat scenes, too.

It's in the early 1300s and a young Viennese official is on a mission to Constantinople with an older diplomat. The young dude, Casius, meets up with old friend from school days Falco as soon as he hits the dockside. They hit it right off and soon Falco's taking Casius around to the hotspots of Constantinople, and none is hotter than the local slave market, where, as Falco explains, "Money will buy anything."

Or anyone. This slave market has a specialty line of sexy young female slaves, and when customers come in, it's kind of like the lineup at a bordello, except that it's more of a chain-up. The slaves are kept in a common cage, with chains at their ankles and their feet, wearing only a sacklike dress that barely covers their butts. When customers come to the slave market looking for hotties, the gals are trotted out in their chains, then if the customer expresses interest in them, they're stripped and either held by a giant Nubian guard guy, or chained to a post for the convenience of the customer, who can do just about anything to her except put his dick in her -- maybe that as well.

Naked slavegirl being examined by a potential buyer while helplessly chained with no part left unprobed -- check!

When a comely young female slave named Bianca is too shy to appear for her stripping and molestation, she brightens at the sight of Casius and cries, "Brother, you've come to rescue me!"

Bianca ISN'T Casius's sister, and he knows it, but she persists in addressing him as brother and apparently is convinced he is, greeting his presence with joy and pleasure.

When Bianca is stripped by the guards and molested by Falco in an experimental sort of way, Casius's heart softens at her cries of protest and entreaties to him to make them stop, and he tells the guards to stop bothering her. A few seconds later it occurs to him that Bianca is going to get stripped and molested a LOT if he doesn't buy her, so he does, despite the warnings from friend Falco that she's not likely to be a very good sex slave.

Especially since she think's she's Casius's sister.

Turns out, Bianca's in fact not a very good sex slave, not being interested in being molested, but that's OK, Casius is too much of a wimp to take her, despite the fact that he has some fairly intense fantasies of treating her as he's seen other slaves treated in the slave market. Instead, they have a very happy, quasi-romantic platonic relationship. He takes her out on the town for shopping and visits to fabulous inns and such, and then they go home and ... don't have sex.

Casius has definite Nice Guy elements. Likes to buy his slavegirls pretty threads and take them out on the town. Here it's Maia enjoying a day out and about, but Bianca and Cecilia get the same treatment.

Eventually Casius gets very horny and rapes Bianca, which she doesn't like but it's the slave owner thing to do and she still cares for him.

Bianca DOES have a brother, and he's on her trail with intent to rescue her. Unfortunately, he's a horribly mummy-wrapped demon kinda guy. Bianca is a supernatural kinda gal who, like her brother, was immortal. She and bro were royalty in their land, and had gotten pretty durned bored with living for reasons we mortals can only guess at, but I suspect involve the lack of telecommunications and good restaurants in their land. She figured out a way that they could kill themselves which involved supernatural flames, but it went awry. It had no effect on Bianca but to render her weak and powerless for a time, which is how she gets caught and enslaved. Well, part of it. The other part is, it turned her brother into a disfigured mummy and killed everyone in their ENTIRE kingdom. Or duchy or satrapy or whatever.

She was the only survivor, and her rescuers, rather than ask why she alone survived something that killed everyone, just enslaved her and sent her on her way to Constantinople. (Apparently, calling 911 for fire rescue was a risky venture in and of itself in those days.)

I'm not going to give away this story's ending, except that everybody except Falco gets killed, but not everybody stays dead, and it's a happy ending for Bianca and her bro but kinda bittersweet otherwise.

Strangely enough, after the traumatic experience of buying his first slave, Casius is all ready to buy another in short order.

This time his eyes alight on Cecilia. Cecilia's not a new and inexperienced slave -- she's been thoroughly had in the past -- but all the rape and molestation she's been subjected to has left her with a bit of an attitude (unlike the rest of the slaves, who are apparently either just fine with it or resigned to it.)

Everybody except the slave master tells Casius not to buy Cecilia, but one look between them seals the deal, and Casius is off with his newfound prize.

A castle on a hill overlooking the hovels of the peasants. Talk about upward mobility!

Well, Cecilia has a story behind her role as a slave, too. Like Brianna, she's former royalty. A very minor noblewoman, however. Her family took a shot at some upward mobility by marrying her off to a much more noble prince in a distant kingdom. This did not work out well for Cecilia. Oh, the ride to the castle in a richly appointed coach past many verdant fields full of toiling peasants was nice, but the part where she is raped by the prince in a ballroom in front of a bunch of masked noblepersons who yuck it up while she screams (well, she screams right up until the point where the prince, a really ugly guy, rips off her panties and stuffs them in her mouth before crawling on top of her).

The dark side of upward mobility -- raped by her goonish husband while gagged with her own panties. So, all those three-hankie potboilers had it right!

This is just PART of the reason that Cecilia has an attitude, but Casius is cool with women who have attitudes.

Like Bianca, Cecilia isn't giving up any lovin' unless it's taken from her forcefully, but Casius is still a dope about these things so they go on a long romantic idyll until his horniness gets the better of things and he chains her up and gives her a good slavegirl raping.

Cecilia gets the treatment after a time. Notice the extensive chains. Very nice, and very explicit considering that one leg is up and one is down.

This includes a scene where he chains her up and forces her to urinate and poop for him. I have no interest in scat, and was able to fast forward past it easily enough, so if scat bugs you, get your hands on the fast forward when he chains Cecilia up.

Meanwhile two adventurer types are on Cecilia's trail and they find her, and adventurous things happen involving swordplay and derring-do. I won't go any further into this plot except to say that it ends kinda bittersweetly for EVERYBODY this time, although only bad guys get killed. (Cecilia does have the handle of a sword that's been kept in the fire thrust into a very bad place to thrust a sword, however.)

These events are pretty traumatic and leave Casius in need of yet another slavegirl, so it's back to the slave market for him. (He should really consider leasing his women.)

This time he picks Maia. (Yeah, that name again.) Maia is a hot, dusky little number who has been surgically altered -- her vocal chords have been cut out by the tribe she came from, for some reason.

This hardly creates a problem for her in her role as a sex slave, of course, as her legs are still spreadeable and her mouth opens just fine.

Maia gets a quick feel for her position in her new household -- chained naked and upside down to an X-frame and being fucked senseless. This being a hentai, she loves it.

Third time's a charm for Casius, as he's FINALLY figured out how to act like a master. As soon as he get Maia home he strips her naked, chains her up like an animal, and rapes the living shit out of her.

He does this a lot, and naturally, as a result, Maia turns into Casius' loving love slave, her only desire to serve him sexually.

Chained at the ankles, Maia begs her master for sex. "What?" he responds, "Is there nothing on TV?"

OK, I just made that up.

Meanwhile, the plot concerning Casius himself heats up. He discovers the nature of his secret mission, which threatens his relationship with Maia, even though it's basically one of "owner" and "property."

I won't tell you how this one comes out, but I will say it ends happily for everyone but the citizens of Constantinople, and much of Europe.

As you might expect of a hentai, Slave Market delivers the most powerful expression of the Arabian Nights meme I've seen in visual media to date. It's so much better than crap like Arena, Gladiator Eroticus, Harem and so forth that if movies and hentai had leagues like football teams do, Slave Market would be in the NFL, and the others would all be in the Pop Warner League.

I mean, in Slave Market, the slave girls spend almost all their time either naked or half naked, they get chained up while naked and they get molested and fucked while chained up and naked. There's a lack of gags, but otherwise … very nice.

"Slave Market" is the only video, movie or TV show I've ever seen that shows slavegirls being treated as such. Delivers the cheese in every way ... nothing else even comes CLOSE to it.

When NONE of the other films attends to ANY of these basic details, there's just no contest. Slave Market wins, almost by default, despite the fact that it isn't really the most powerful imaginable expression of the slavegirl meme. In fact, it isn't even CLOSE to the power with which John Norman has expressed the slavegirl meme in his various Gor novels.

If you want to see where Slave Market falls short, it's instructive to look at how Norman handles the whole slave market meme. Slavegirl of Gor, which contains a full-blown description of a slave market and a slave auction. The main difference between it and the scenes in Slave Market is that it focuses on the feelings of the slavegirls being auctioned. This only makes common sense, when you think of it. The slavegirl being auctioned is the one who has the greatest emotional investment in the auction. It is HER person that is on sale. She's the one who knows she's shortly going to be the property of, and therefore at the mercy of, anyone who wants to buy her, whether she likes it or not.

"Norman gets it right, with slavegirls auctioned and treated like slavegirls, too.

It's a situation fraught with dramatic possibility, and Norman makes the most of it in Slavegirl of Gor, expressing the slavegirl's trepidation at the prospect of being sold, her horror and thrill at what goes on. (Even Mighty John Norman misses a trick here. He does not permit Judy to see what happens to her predecessors, ratcheting up the emotional intensity of the sale itself by giving her fears a specific focus. But this is the ONLY trick he misses.)

The major failing of Slave Market is that it has no auction scene. Historically, slaves have often been sold at auction. But that's not why the hentai misses a trick here. The auction scene provides a chance to dramatically present the slavegirl's dilemma at its most powerful. She is presented naked on a stage of some sort, surrounded by a whistling, catcalling, cheering crowd of lustful men (maybe a few lustful women, too). In this respect, it's not too different from a wet T-shirt contest, which as anyone who's ever watched a Girls Gone Wild video will agree, is actually a whole lotta fun for everyone involved, gals included, especially if they're as drunk as their audience, which in pretty evidently the case in Girls Gone Wild videos.

But the difference between a slave market and a wet T-shirt contest is that the participants in a slave market will, at the end of the proceedings, belong to members of the audience, just like their clothes and their furniture and so forth belong to them. (Whereas the wet T-shirt contestants will just sober up, facing at worst an extreme hangover and a serious public relations problem if word of what she's done gets back to the folks.)

Here's a wet t-shirt contest, the closest thing we have to a slavegirl auction. It's not nearly as intense as a slavegirl auction but it's still ... a lot of fun, from the look of things. (Faces blurred to protect the guilty).

If a recently purchased slavegirl's owner wants to tie her up like a prize turkey and whip her and anally rape her, he can do that. If he wants to give her candy and chewing gum and take her to Broadway musicals (or their equivalent in his or her culture) he can do that, too.

Her life might be a living hell, or heaven on Earth (ok, probably not that, given that she's a slave) depending on which face in the crowd of faces before her buys her. Puts a real edge on the proceedings for the slavegirl, and only John Norman has done a proper job of portraying that aspect of it.

Depending on who buys her, this might be a slavegirl's fate, giving blowjobs to drooling men with hairy butts while chained naked to a wall. Then again, things might go BADLY for her ...

Some romance writers may have written of slavegirl auctions from the woman's point of view, but it's doubtful they handled the bondage, nudity and sex very well -- only Norman has the sense to milk the emotional aspects to the max AND get it on with the sex, bondage and nudity.

Even without an auction scene, there's a lot of potential for scenes featuring a sale to a single buyer. But even in this case as well, Slave Market falls short because it does not focus on the auction participant with the most at stake -- the slavegirl.

That said, Slave Market does a good job with the sales scenes otherwise. The slaves are "examined" while chained naked between two crossbars. Their arms are over their heads, one leg is raised in the air, the other rests on the ground, leaving their naughty bits vulnerable to predation -- and boy did they get predated by their buyers. There WERE scenes of the slavegirls standing around in chains and skimpy shifts (or in the case of those who'd already been sampled, chains and nothing) watching the other slavegirls get "sampled" and awaiting their turn. But the shots were almost perfunctory, just establishing shots that set the scene, they didn't really do much to convey the emotional intensity of what the slavegirls were experiencing -- the one who hadn't been molested as yet looked merely annoyed, those who already had looked mildly shaken, as if they'd just been told they had a slip showing -- kinda embarrassed but not freaked out at having their genitals explored while chained and naked and in full view of the other slavegirls.

Isn't that the black guy from Stargate in the background? The one with a Gha'ul logo on his forehead? Guess he got a second job. I heard that salaries on cable stations were low, but ...

The other problem with Slave Market is that it doesn't explore the male lead's mental state very much. With Bianca and Cecilia, he's a total wimp. But you have to figure that a guy who goes to a slave market to buy hot babes is doing so for a REASON, and it's pretty much the same reason any guy would. So it makes no sense that he'd have no problem with going to a place where naked women are vended like so many bags of potato chips in order to buy one, and then get all shy and wimpy once he has one in his possession at home. Granted, the weird brother/sister thing could reasonably have put a damper on things in the cases of Bianca, but not in the case of Cecilia. (And it's worth noting that Casius got over the brother/sister thing with Bianca.)

Even the straight-up no-bondage sex has a strong maledom/femsub feel to it. Which it should ... she's his slave, not his girlfriend.

All of these objections mean that I can't say that Slave Market is as powerful an expression of the slave market theme as could possibly exist. John Norman's Gor novels still hold that distinction. But ... it's the most powerful expression of the theme I've seen in film or video, period. Nobody else even comes close to it. If you like this particular fantasy, you have to buy Slave Market, it's as simple as that.

As I've noted, Slave Market features a very strong story line set in historical context that works very well. In fact, when I first saw an image of the Dome of the Rock mosque, I thought, "Oh, great, another story using the Dome of the Rock as a generic visual for exotic Arabia." Then the narrator identified the location as Constantinople and I suddenly realized that the author of this story had actually done a little research. The story definitely pulls you through all the sexual materials, which is a good thing because the characterization is a little weak.

The animation quality of Slave Market is quite good, above average for hentai though it isn't in league with La Blue Girl and Stepmother's Sin. Iwas a little bothered by the fact that Casius and Falco have eyes that are as large and pretty as the sex slaves in the story -- I mean, they're good guys and all, but no need to make them look like Walter Keane urchins in 18th century costumes.

Pretty boys is one thing, but the male leads of this story look more like pretty girls.

As noted, I didn't like the scat, and there are two scenes involving it -- Maia has one, too. I don't know if they're included because the creators of the video personally like it, because the Japanese market likes it, or because they think scat is gonna be the Next Big Thing in America. But it's definitely not going to be the Next Big Thing in America and could probably hurt their sales a lot here. I've gotten pretty adept at fast-forwarding past enema scenes and such, but I suspect a lot of folks might just turn the video off and never rent another the first time they encounter this kind of crap.

That said, the sex is raunchy and explicit and there's plenty of it, including plenty of bondage. There's only one scene featuring a gag, but lots of scenes of featuring slavegirls in chains being molested quite vigorously. And it's worth noting that Slave Market is a generally humane film, despite its subject matter. Sure, Casius chains his slave girls up and makes 'em like it when he gets horny, but he also likes to buy them nice things and take them out on the town to visit the market and watch parades and have picnics -- the sort of pleasant activities that are generally associated with a healthy relationship.

In fact, Bianca's love for Casius is made a lot more plausible because after he's chained her and raped her and so forth, he treats her very nicely. Cecilia and Bianca are also won over to Casius despite his rough approach to sex, because when they're not having sex he's considerate, affectionate and quite a lot of fun. And he's got those pretty-boy looks, too -- that can't hurt, from their POV.

And you can imagine that given the treatment that these women endured prior to becoming Casius' slaves, they probably would find him wonderful, despite all the chaining and sex while chained.

Frankly, I find the hentai where the men are unremitting sex fiends who leave the women little choice but to be whimpering doormats to be extremely tiresome. One-dimensional characters are bad enough, REPULSIVE one dimensional characters are god awful. How can you enjoy a film when the supposed hero is a complete and utter fiend?

A little decency on Casius' part goes a very long way to make Slave Market a video you can enjoy. That and the treatment of the slave girls as characters who have interesting stories behind their slave girl status really, really helps.

Cassius' good looks and frequent goodness punctuated by episodes of bondage masterdom puts him SQUARELY in the realm of the male leads of romance novels. In fact, Slave Market is very close to being a video realization of a romance novel. If, as we noted earlier, there had been more of a focus on the female slaves' feelings as they are sold at the slave market, it would have been dead solid. I mean, the slave Cecilia has presumably had a child who was taken from her when she was sold into slavery. That's Lifetime movie stuff right there. And the poorly disguised anger and bitterness that backs Cecilia's sexual aggressiveness goes right along with that.

I could see how, with the addition of a few judicious scenes in the slave market and in Cecilia's past, along with the delition of the scat scenes, you'd have something with a strong appeal to the women who buy romance novels like A Pirate's Love and Love of a Slave. Such romance novels do exist and women do buy them, in fact, they are very, very popular, helping writers like Johanna Lindsay to become major successes in their genres.

This is the sort of thing that should interest any hentai maker interested in making more money from their product.

No matter what genre it's in, Slave Market is a superior treatment of the slave girl theme. If you like this theme, you want this video.

The end. And a very submissive end it is, too.