Stepmother's Sin

"Haf you slept with Efa Blume?"

Copyright 2005 by Pat Powers

"Stepmother's Sin" is a hentai that's way out of step with others I've seen. Featuring some of the most powerful graphic design and animation I've ever seen in an anime, much less a hentai, it also has one of the most repugnant plots and disgusting characters I've seen, and in hentai, that's saying a lot.

More than anything else, "Stepmother's Sin" resembles the "adult" films of the early 70s. At that time, the theory was that you could get away with showing sex and nudity in a film if it had "morally redeeming" features. This generally meant that all the people who got naked and had sex during the course of the plot wound up imprisoned or dead at the end of the film, preferably both.

The graphic quality of "Stepmother's Sin"s is extraordinarily good, far superior to almost all hentai and to most anime. It consistently makes strong use of light and shadow and also makes sophisticated use of unusual perspectives, split-screen imagery and other techniques. The sheer quality of the artwork is also impressive -- frex, it's actually quite difficult to make an image of a woman with her face jammed into a bed look sexy and sensuous -- but that's just what happened at left. And above, note the unusual perspective and the strong figure drawing. Compare with the standard imagery you see in most hentai. And note -- these are vidcaps, not production drawings.

Thus we had films like "Young, Swedish and in Love" in which a young Swedish hottie named Eva Blum spouts all sorts of whatnot about free love and the beauty of the human body and how can sex be wrong when it's so wonderful, etc., etc., and pretty soon she's sleeping with every guy she knows, just on general principles. And this being a small town, she knows most every guy in the place.

Eventually, the inevitable happens. Eva Blume gets sick and goes to the doctor who discovers that she is pregnant. Or that she has an STD. Possibly both. For health reasons, she's forced to tell all about her new and more active social life. As a result, a group of Very Serious Town Leaders go from household to household, asking various male residents, "You haf slept with Efa Blume?" in a solemn Norwegian accent, leading to a string of arrests, divorces and probably suicides. (I don't remember specifically that there were suicides, but this being a Scandanavian film, it seems a safe bet.)

More strong graphics. The mom is on top this time, and if we hadn't put that sign saying "Sin" over the vidcap, you'd see that the imagery in "Stepmother" is not only graphically powerful, but extremely explicit. Note the size of the Stepmother's breasts -- big even by American standards.

Mrs. Evil Captor and I found this film to be a hoot, and for months thereafter whenever serious inquiries about some moral failing (such as failure to take out the garbage or to put up some dishes) would be prefaced or followed by the phrase, "You haf slept with Efa Blume?"

Point is, a lot of 60s and 70s porn films ended like that, with the implacable moral consequences of sex destroying the lives of anyone who dared to have it outside the bounds of marriage, and maybe inside them as well. The message of porn in those days was clear: treat your genitals as if they were high explosives and could kill you at any moment. And for god's sake, don't do anything VIGOROUS to them, that might set 'em off!!!

OK, back to "Stepmother." Kaga is a nice-seeming young guy who's got a bit of a problem. His parents are divorced, and his dad has remarried a much younger woman who also has a daughter.

Maya, the New Mom, is a hottie (so is her young teen daughter). It's not just that she has nice skin, a pretty face and a womanly figure -- she also has huge knockers.

Now, most hentai women have huge knockers, especially by real-life Japanese knocker standards, which are pretty durned mild. (Like latinas, Japanese women tend to have nice butts and small tits.) But New Mom's tits are huge even by American stripper standards, as you'll note from the vidcap above.

Kaga has a serious problem with women. Seems that dad was a serious insect collector and left Old Mom (who was also quite the hottie) home alone a lot, and when she finally broke down and got herself a little male action, Kaga was right there to spy on them. He hated the whole resultant divorce thing, and wound up hating both his parents for it, but his hatred for his mother he extended to women generally.

Kaga's fuckin' cousin in action. Note that she also has major hooters, though not as major as Stepmom's. Still, by Japanese standards, she's enormous. I'm not sure how I feel about this. I like big breasts, but at some point, they start to look deformed, and adult comic artists have a tendency to hit that point and just keep on going.

However, although Kaga hates women generally, they find him attractive (they love his cold, distant stare, and it probably doesn't hurt that he's handsome). In fact, he's got a kissin' cousin. OK, not a kissin' cousin -- more like a fuckin' cousin. They practice sex on each other against the day when they'll find other, non-cousin members of the opposite sex to do it with -- so they'll be good at it when they do it -- "it" being fucking and sucking. And his cousin is so nice -- when her oral service has Kaga on the point of orgasm, she asked, "Do you want me to take it in my mouth or on my face?"

You don't generally see that sort of consideration from a woman who isn't a pro. (Kaga opts for the face, and she happily obliges.)

During the postcoital conversation, Kaga reveals his hatred of all women, and also his hatred of New Mom, who has enraged him by cooking him meals and washing his clothes and cleaning up the house and treating him nice.

Here's New Mom giving Kaga a school lunch she has prepared for him, just part of all the niceness that Kaga feels he must get revenge on.

Kaga determines that he will take revenge on the woman who has treated him so nicely, and so he starts being real nice to her. (This is just the first of many instances in which the characters behave in ways that just don't make sense to the point of insanity.)

New Mom mistakes this as a need for affection on his part, and is friendly to him in return. Big mistake, but a natural one. She's a really nice person who is unaware what a twisted little creep Kaga is.

Kaga's next trick is to come to New Mom while she's bathing and offer to soap her up. New Mom is stand-offish at first, she being his mother and all and the two of them being relative strangers, it seems somehow wrong to be bathing nude with the boy.

But New Mom does not stick with her guns, for she decides that Kaga must be starved for physical motherly affection. So she lets Kaga soap up her enormous breasts and nipples and other motherly body parts to satiate his need for motherly affection. (I guess he was far past the point where a fully-clothed hug would have done the job.)

Well, by now you should know how things progress in hentai and so Kaga is soon soaping those hard to get places very, very thoroughly, with predictable results.

But New Mom, although she's willing to slake Kaga's need for maternal affection by rubbing his cock and letting him rub her breasts, pussy and ass, won't let Kaga actually stick his cock in her pussy. Because that would be stepping over the line. And so when he gestures angrily at his erect cock and says, "What am I supposed to do with this?" she scrunches her huge breasts together with her arms and offers to let him titfuck her. So he does. And she gives him a little blowjob while he's at it. 'Cause of course, there's nothing unnatural about titfucking your stepmom and having her suck your cock. In Japan. In a hentai. I guess.

I'm guessing New Mom isn't very bright, as well. Affectionate, sure, but when a teenage boy can play her like a spoon, you gotta figure there's not a lot of stuff going on upstairs.

Well, in very short order, New Mom has become New Sex Toy. She's fucking him and sucking him, which he enjoys in a sick, gloating kind of way. New Mom is so much Kaga's sex toy that he's soon tying her up and blindfolding her during sex and she's showing every sign of enjoying it.

But Kaga is still possessed by a sick need to hurt his New Mom, so in a later scene, he blindfolds and ties New Mom up again. New Mom is so used to this by now that she says, "Oh, you're tying me up again," in a delighted voice, all ready for some fun and games with sonny boy.

But she doesn't get what she's looking forward to. Instead, Kaga leads her to her daughter Suki's room and when he whips the blindfold off New Mom, she sees Suki naked, ballgagged, bound and hanging from the ceiling. Kaga then proceeds to rape the shit out of tied-up Suki while Mom watches helplessly and cries. THEN he rapes the shit out of tied up Mom while tied-up Suki watches helplessly. Even in Japan, it's GOTTA be wrong to pull this kind of shit.

Here Kaga gives a bound and gagged New Sister Suki her unjust deserts while a bound New Mom watches helplessly. Is he competing in the World's Most Twisted Little Fuck Awards or what?

I can't go on much beyond this without revealing the exciting Scandanavian-style ending to "Stepmother's Sin". Let me just say that even watching her own daughter get raped, then being raped by Kaga while her bound and helpless daughter watched, does not change New Mom's hot lust for Kaga. In short, New Mom is neither sane nor human by any standard recognizable to me. She seemed like a very nice person when she started out, but all the incestuous sex and rape must have screwed her up somehow.

The thing about "Stepmother's Sin," though, is that it has lots of sex scenes, they're extremely explicit, and the quality of the animation is much, much higher than is normal in anime generally, much less in hentai. The sex scenes in this hentai are just smokin' hot compared to the sex scenes in most other hentai for that reason. As a viewer, I found myself disgusted with the characters, whose behavior I also found either borderline psychotic (Kaga) or totally unbelievable (New Mom) or which featured virtually no personalty -- Dad and New Sister. And the plot was sheer ugliness with no relief -- very Norwegian. But then there are those smokin' sex scene and the topnotch animation.

And when I say "topnotch" I don't mean that the movement is smoother and they do't use all those money-saver tricks -- "Stepmother's Sin" is only about average in that respect.

No, what makes the animation in "Stepmother's Sin" special is the strong graphic design of the scenes -- the dramatic lighting, the imaginative staging, the powerful and imaginative character designs -- it all works together to make the sex scenes both more dramatic and more exciting. It's hard to convey with just words how powerful the animation is, so check out the vidcaps and my commentary.

That's why I have to give "Stepmother's Sin" a mixed review. The plot is solely motivated by mean-spritedness and offers no redeeming qualities and the characters make no sense. But the graphics are far above other hentai, which makes the sex scenes both raunchy and hot. So, I'm glad I watched this hentai because of all the hot sex, but I'm not proud of myself for being willing to put up with all the sleaziness and ugliness for the sake of all that wonderful, raunchy, graphic sex. Well, I don't feel guilty about it exactly. I just wish those graphics were accompanied by a story to match them in quality. That would be one hell of a hentai.

The End ... and what an end it is!