Tragic Silence

Doin' it vampire style in "Tragic Silence."

Copyright 2005 by Pat Powers

My taste does not generally run to vampire stories, erotic or otherwise, but this one is different enough that I liked it. In a remote mountain village, humans live in peace with a clan of vampires. The vampires take humans as their lovers, and drink their blood, but don't do so to such an extent that they kill them or even harm them very much. Their eyes glow red with blood lust when they make love, and they nibble on their partners necks, but don't drink deep enough to do any harm.

But it's an uneasy peace in many respects. The balance of peace between the vampire clan and the humans is upset when a human woman kills her vampire lover. Suddenly the vampires are not so interested in not killing humans, and the humans are running around at night with guns and so forth.

The conflict most powerfully affects a pair of young lovers, the female half of whom is a young vampire, the other is a young human guy. Think of it as Romeo and Juliet with fangs. The series features some vanilla sex (but the plot is king), no kink (unless you count vampirism) and pretty good animation.

I'm looking forward to seeing part 2 of this one, but haven't had the opportunity to yet. This one works mainly on the strength of its story, and there's nothing wrong with that.