Viper GTS

or Harry Potter Does Demonesses

In Viper GTS, a handsome young sorcerer who bears a certain resemblance to Harry Potter gets more than he bargains for when he conjures up a beautiful female demon who's more than willing to fulfill young Harry's wishes, as hentai continue merrily redefining Christian mythology in ways that your average preist or nun wouldn't be entirely comfortable with -- in the sense that they'd be totally outraged by it. (OK, the character's name in the anime is Ogawa, but I like Harry a lot better so I'm gonna use that name.)

Our story starts with a blonde, handsome young demon named Alphina who commands a group of hot she-devils whose mission it is to go to Earth and collect souls for him, whenever some sorcerer is foolish enough to conjure them.

This generally involves promising the sorcerers anything in exchange for their souls. Given that the she-devils are all extremely attractive and have the inhibitions that you'd think she-devils would have -- i.e., none -- the requests often involve the personal services of the she-devils, services that are often of a hentai-ish nature.

Meanwhile, the angels up in heaven have been observing this soul collecting activity and it's pissing them off, as it goes against nature. The angels, who look a lot like the she-devils except they've got smaller breasts and narrower hips, determine to put a stop to all this soul collecting, and a detachment is sent down to collect a she-devil or two and put her on the path of righteousness, and boy do they have a different way of handling that procedure.

Carrere ... oh, yeah, she could grab a soul or two ...

With the plot on full boil already, we next see young Harry conjuring up the she-demon Carrere. Carrere is the oldest and most proficient of the she-demons, and also the most bodacious of the group. Harry, properly portrayed as a scrawny young man with tousled hair, goggles at the sights of all this womanly goodness bulging the thong-like demonic finery that is Carrere's normal wear. When Carrere makes her offer to Harry -- anything he would like in exchange for his soul, Harry knows EXACTLY what he wants -- Carrere.

Being a she-devil, Carrere not only finds this acceptable, she's absolutely pleased that Harry's request is something she enjoys doing anyway. So she jumps Harry and the two go at it like ... two people going at it.

Carrere responds positively to Harry's request ... this is one raunchy little hentai!

Carrere is also pleased to discover a little anatomical anomaly of Harry's -- although he has a scrawny schoolboy frame, he has an enormous cock and a libido to match.

The two of them go at it as only a horny she-devil and a horny young guy who looks like he hasn't been laid -- ever -- can. It's a touching, romantic, and explicit evening of love that leaves Harry drained of all his precious bodily fluids and Carrere feeling so lovely and la-la-la-ish that she returns to hell, forgetting to collect Harry's soul in the process. This doesn't go over at all well back in hell, where soul collections have fallen off big-time, and Carrere is sent to stand before the lords of hell in judgment.

The chief Lord of Hell judges Carrere ... looks kinda like one of those South American beetles.

The scene of the Lords of Hell judging Carrere is really nicely and imaginatively rendered, which is typical of the whole series -- some of the best animation I've seen in any anime, much less any hentai. The lords of hell are rendered as abstract, floating faces in a void, with Carrere cuffed on a platform in the center of the void, standing before what is presumably the chief lord of hell, a menacing, abstract figure who towers over her. Really nicely done, a refreshing rethinking of the dull fiery cavern imagery that typically shows up when Hell is reference in a toon or anime.

Carrere's basically been a fine she-devil up until this point, and the lords of hell are lenient with her, sentencing her to be confined in a cell for a couple of days.

Naked and alone in her cell with her hands chained over her head, Carrere is helplessly available to anyone who enters. If you know your hentai, you'll know what happens next.

Meanwhile, back in Carrere's old soul-collecting grounds, her fellow she-devils have heard about Carrere's sentence. So, what does a she-devil do when she finds out that her co-worker is in the slammer? If you guessed, "Go visit her, and molest the hell out of her while she's all chained up," you know your hentai! That's exactly what Carrere's two co-workers do.

Visiting day brings many penetrating experiences for Carrere.

Being she-devils, in addition to molesting Carrere in the usual she-devil ways, they have very long, prehensile tails with bulbous tips that they can work a lot like a cock. They just curl their tails down between their butt cheeks, lift up in front and slide it into Carrere's helpless exposed areas.

So I guess that in a sense these were conjugal visits the younger she-devils were paying on Carrere, and given that there was no other torment than having her arms chained over her head in a standing position, I'm guessing that the lords of Hell regarded visitors as sufficient torment for occupants of their cells.

Makes sense to me. In hell, jail means that everyone you've ever known on the inside gets to come on in and rape you while you're chained up. Hell isn't just other people -- it's other people who rape you a lot.

Check out this ... it's the door to Carrere's cell. A minor detail, only onscreen for a few moments, but a very nice piece of work -- typical of the very high quality of the animation in this hentai.

Like I said, this is an imaginative hentai.

When Carrere's released from her cell, she's summoned back down to the mortal plane by young Harry, and she's planning to pick up that soul of his she neglected to collect on her previous visit.

But it just isn't Carrere's day. Once again, she neglects to snag Harry's soul, then Carrere is herself snagged by two power-suited angels while Harry watches helplessly.

The angles scoop Carrere up and haul her off to the pearly skies, where she finds herself hauled up before the lords of heaven, being judged adn declared guilty of doing exactly what the lords of Hell judged her and found her guilty of not doing.

On the left we have Carrere chained up and being judged by the Lords of Hell. On the right, we have her chained up and being judged by the Lords of Heaven. She's accused by the Lords of Heaven of doing exactly what she's accused by the Lords of Hell of NOT doing ... and both find her guilty! This poor demoness can't buy a break!

Carrere's sentence: to be led into the path of righteousness by the angels.

Turns out, the way to the path of righteousness involves being chained naked and spreadeagled to the floor and then surrounded by three or four exuberantly female angels, all of whom promptly grow huge, erect cocks from their pussies. Who knew?

The way to the path of righteousness. Who knew?

Yes, we're talking angel chicks with dicks here, just like you see in Sunday school and such, and they've got a major hard-on for poor Carrere, and pretty soon they're enthusiastically giving Carrere a taste -- well, a lot more than a taste -- of angel chicks with dicks rape.

Well, who knew the path of righteousness lay that way? All that prayer and fasting and sexual abstinence -- completely wrong! It's all about angel chicks with dicks rape!

You learn a lot watching hentai. (OK, it's really fun to watch someone who doesn't quite understand Christianity just thoroughly fuck it up without really knowing what they're up to. I don't think the hentai creators are really trying hard to offend Christian sensibilities here, they just don't care that much about them. Most Japanese are Shinto or Buddhist, after all, so their understanding of Christianity is probably limited. And while they probably know that having angels with dicks raping chained devils is offensive, it's not like they live in a culture where anybody who creates such images knows they are in for a shitstorm if they are published.)

Well, these being non-mortals, the sexual action goes on pretty much nonstop. So we segue back to Earth where the plot is developing nicely. It seems that Harry has has conducted another summoning to see if he can have another session with that Carrere and that oh-so-fuckable ass of hers. He doesn't get Carrere, but one of the younger she-devils who's figured out that Carrere has gone missing and is looking for her.

Young demon Mercedes after being fucked with a rope around her neck. So horny, so cute.

Well, although young demon Mercedes is not as spectacularly well-endowed as Carrere is, she's definitely a very hot hentai babe, and in short order Harry has tied a rope around her neck and is having sex with her. Why does Harry take time to fuck Mercedes when he's out of his mind with longing for Carrere? Well, this is a hentai. It's like asking how many angel chicks with dicks can orgy on the head of a pin. It's a moot point, as the cow says.

After the sex, Harry tells Mercedes what happened and Mercedes heads for heaven to kick some angelic ass and rescue Carrere. Harry, left to his own devices, tries another summoning, and he gets Alphina, the blonde demon lord. Harry and Alphina do not have sex (thank God -- you can't put anything past these hentai guys) but they do talk.

Alphina astutely realizes that Harry must be a much more powerful wizard than he appears to be, having summoned his she-devils no less than three times while remaining in possession of his soul, and invites Harry up to heaven for a rescue attempt for Carrere.

So, um, Mercedes assaults heaven, which is guarded by Holy Winged Eyeballs With Gooseneck Lamps Perched Atop Them, using only her courage and the Infernal Bat-Winged Vacuum Cleaner of Doom, featuring the Notorious Blue Light Bulb of Hell's Fury. The Winged Eyeballs suffer some losses, but win in the end. Which is where Mercedes, the loser, is gonna get it ... Now THIS is imaginatively reinventing religious mythology!

Meanwhile, Mercedes' rescue attempt isn't going so well. She's brought up a hellish device -- looks kinda like a canister vacuum cleaner with bat wings. She needs it to duke it out with the guardians of heaven, flying eye things with angel wings and what appears to be gooseneck lamps mounted atop them. Obviously a real dust-up is in order, but we never see it ... only it's aftermath, a bunch of damaged flying eyes and a damaged vacuum cleaner from hell, and Mercedes getting the exact same treatment from the angels that Carrere is getting. In fact, they get the path of righteousness treatment in the same room, so they have to watch each other get raped without being able to do anything about it except ... get raped some more, given that both of them are chained down in a spreadeagle and are collared and chained at the neck.

Apparently, if you assault heaven and get caught at it, heaven assaults you.

Will Harry and Alphina succeed in rescuing Carrere and Mercedes from the horny, horny angel chicks with dicks? Will the balance between heaven and hell be restored? Will Harry be reunited with Carrere? Will Mercedes be reunited with Carrere? And will this involve huge amounts of sex for everyone involved?

Well, I won't answer any of these questions, although if you've ever seen a hentai, you can pretty much guess the answer to that last one.

If you like hentai at all, you have to get this one. That's really all there is to it. The animation is very well done. Carrere is about the hottest fucking toon I've ever seen, almost on part with the Stepmother in Stepmother's Sin. The animation style in ViperGTS is more traditional than the style of Stepmother's Sin, which is why it falls short, but there are some distinct advantages to traditional anime techniques, and the animation in ViperGTS pushes them to the max -- especially in the area of explicit animation. The caps we've got here aren't necessarily the strongest from the anime -- they're just the ones we're able to use and keep things to an R rating.

If you think Carrere's bod is smoking in this image, you should see it in action!

Frex, in some hentai, a woman giving a blowjob might was well be sucking on a piece of pipe -- the cock is just two lines with some flat color between them issuing from the woman's wide-open mouth.

Others attempt more detailed imagery but screw it up, resulting in cocks that look kinda dessicated and lumpy and not at all like a living thing. But some hentai get cocks very, very right, and Viper GTS has done pretty much the best job of any of them in this respect.

Similarly, some pussies in some hentai look more like coin purses than actual living organs -- just an oval circle filled in with red with a black oval center inside it. The word "childish" is not out of place here. Contrast that with the ones in ViperGTX which lovingly detail the clit and the clit hood, and portray the labia as bendy, soft tissues that yield and spread as cocks are thrust into them, producing lots of juices as they do so. The curves of the mons, the inner thigh and the buttocks are also well portrayed. Those who are are members and can see the explicit caps will know EXACTLY what I am talking about, but check out the image at the end of this review to get an idea.

And it's not just the naughty bits that get all this graphic excellence. It extends to Carrere's entire body, especially her belly and hips which are smokin' hot, and to the background art, which as we've already noted, is suprisingly imaginative and well done.

So, we've got a strong storyline with a well-developed romantic element featuring two sympathetic characters, lots of sex by characters who are clearly enjoying it, topnotch animation, lots of explicit sex and plenty of sexual bondage imagery, original story elements and graphic elements, an overall pleasant and sympathetic air to the story ... this is one great hentai! Any criticism I might have of it amounts to little more than nitpicking.

The end. And what an end it is!