Slave Gaia - The Index!

If you couldn't get enough of Slavegirl Leia in "Revenge of the Jedi," you're REALLY going to like "Slave Gaia," the story of a beautiful princess captured by a ruthless alien gangster.

This is a story that has it all -- giant, disgusting worms, alien harems, kinky advanced technology and reckless adventure as Floot Skootfluter attempts to single-handedly rescue Gaia armed with nothing more than his Popiel Pocket Saberman!

You'll thrill as Gaia learns what it is to be a slavegirl, whether it's being tied up in sexy ways, tormented in sexy ways, or having sex in sexy ways, as well as being used as alien chewing gum, and other alien practices so obscene they don't even have names.

Can Slavegirl Gaia use her Jiggi mind powers to maintain her personality and avoid being transformed into a will-less sex doll via her addiction to the Hunn slave stalk? Will Flook rescue her? Just click on the link for Chapter One to find out!

And if Slave Gaia leaves you hungre for more ... well, there is more! Click on the illustration on the left of the chapter links to view some sample chapters of Karg, a story about slavegirls, dinosaurs, artificial intelligence, nanotech and space exploration. Click on the illustration to the right of the chapter links to view some sample chapters of Siren7, a novel about a predatory publisher, the beautiful young journalist-wannabe he attempts to sexually enslave, and the hunky editor who ... oh, read it and find out for yourself.

(Any resemblance between characters in this story and any person living, dead, or imaginary, is strictly coincidental, and undoubtedly a product of your perfervid imaginings.)

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